1Law4All is presently not accepting donations, new members or membership renewals while the Board considers the future of the Society post Elections 2017.


At the 1Law4All Annual General Meeting, held in Tauranga earlier this year, it was decided by members that 1Law4All should cease its efforts to become a political party and concentrate its resources on advancing the objective of one law for all – the very thing that its Board and members aspire to.

We now announce a campaign that will begin shortly, intended to make a fast and hard impact on the coming election. 1Law4All’s Board has agreed to support the campaign financially and with human resources.

Make New Zealand ONE Again

You will soon be receiving communications direct from the Vote For New Zealand campaign (not from 1Law4All, nor NZ First). Share the emails as far and wide as you can to help spread the word.  The campaigners will also be using social media.