Notice of a Special General Meeting of 1Law4All Incorporated

Wednesday 24 September
At 7.00 pm
The Armitage Hotel
9 Willow Street


* Apologies

* Adoption of the Minutes of the 25 May 2014 AGM

* Any Matters Arising

* Election of Officers and Board members

* General Business


Legal equality of all citizens is the foundation stone of democracy. It makes us feel safe – knowing we’re all playing by the same rules. We all have the same rights, privileges and obligations.

And despite its human element, true democracy has proven to be the most enduring and successful system of government. It makes for united, prosperous and happy nations.

But our democracy has been shrewdly undermined and the pace is quickening. We now have legislation at local and national level that gives unelected and unaccountable factions access to our taxes, and control over our properties, our organisations and the interpretation of our laws.

Our rights, privileges and obligations now depend on who our great grandfathers were or which ethnicity we can align ourselves with. Just look around the world for the many unhappy consequences of encouraging such destructive ethno-cultural divides.

It is time for all Kiwis to make a stand. No matter where we came from, or our parents came from, we must all be equal in the eyes of the law.

Your support for 1Law4All is vital to the New Zealand’s future well-being. Please consider offering your skills, expertise or donations for the sake of our wonderful country and all its peoples.