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The first target will be moves by bigoted Councils to entrench race-based-privilege in their voting systems. If 5% of ratepayers in the Council’s area sign a request for a poll, all Ratepayers in the area will get to vote on whether they favour democracy or an elitist and racist voting system.

In each and every case where there has been a poll, plans by subversive councillors to inflict racism on Ratepayers have been defeated. But – seemingly oblivious to their voting public’s opinion – racism-inclined Councillors just keep trying it on.

Why don’t they don’t ask Ratepayers first?

At the 1Law4All Annual General Meeting, held in Tauranga early in 2017,  members decided that 1Law4All should cease its efforts to become a political party and concentrate its resources on advancing the objective of one law for all – its very reason for being.