What do the Whakatane and Manawatu District Councils and the Palmerston North City Council have in common?

Rampant racist tendencies amongst their Councillors.

There are a few common denominators with racist councils and their councillors voting for special part-Maori representation wards.

1) Many councillors seem possessed by a sort of narcissist complex in which they are in love with their own opinions and know better than the majority of those they represent. The “we were elected to govern” egomania syndrome.

2) Many councillors are so full of their own self-importance that they believe they can [ir]rationaly justify ignoring the majority of Ratepayer submissions opposing race-based positions in and on Councils.

3) The decisions are a testament to the success of the brain-washing campaign that’s been waged in NZ for several decades. That’s as demonstrated by the many sanctimonious references made to specious, non-existent Treaty partnership lies and fallacies.

4) Worse – in grand self-deception, they describe their rabid racist tendencies as “exercising leadership,” “visionary,” “brave,” “courageous,” and “forward-looking.”

If you are a Ratepayer of these racist councils, you will need to get involved in obtaining the 5% of Ratepayers signatures necessary to force a poll on the matter.

And, unlike the dim-bulb, pro-racist councillors, we all know there’s a 98+% chance that racist representation will be voted down by democracy-favouring Ratepayers.

Which leads inevitably to the question that might be asked: why do Council not poll Ratepayers first, before-their perverse in-council racist votes?

What have they got to fear?

Or are there kick-backs involved?

In 2015, the Tauranga Council voted against racist representation. A clutch of sabre-rattling part-Maori huffed and puffed about getting the 5% of Ratepayers signatures necessary to force a poll on that decision. But it was all talk and no do. I.e. the local part-Maori could not mount the effort required to get the numbers in favour of the racist representation that we are told all part-Maori want. Speaks volumes, that.

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