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Our name says it all. 1Law4All is New Zealand's anti-racism political party. The party that will fight for our democratic and human rights of all citizens to be treated equally.



We envisage a New Zealand where everyone is treated fairly and equally under an unbiased law that treats all as equals. Where help is given based on need, not race, religion or culture. Where our education system is not politicised, but teaches students how to think, not what to think. A country based on our cherished democratic rights, including those of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.



We want to get back to a country where all people are created equal, with inalienable rights and freedoms. Where sovereignty resides in the People, whose power is the source of Law. Where private people institute public governments to serve them with Public Servants. Where office holders of governments are accountable to their employers, the People.

Where the State cannot grant any privilege that is not already a sovereign right. Where a government that ignores the inherent right of consent is not democratic, and where rights carry duties, starting with the eternal vigilance needed to protect them.



New Zealand has a unique culture which is a blend of the cultures of the white and Maori settlers which were here at the time of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. A culture that we as a people have developed together. Not separately.

We believe that to be a great nation we must move forward together, as the blended people that we are. Recognising and respecting our individual differences, strengths and weaknesses, yet working together to build a great future for everyone.

Our Policies

These are our top priority policies. Visit our Policies page for more policies or information.

Policy #1

To remove all discriminatory elements from legislation.

Policy #2

To remove all race-based governance and management positions in central, regional and local government.

Policy #3

To replace the Waitangi Tribunal with standard judicial procedural recourse to a NZ Court for any alleged offences against property rights.

Policy #4

To withdraw New Zealand from the U.N.’s inappropriate and divisive Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Policy #5

To ensure any constitutional change is supported by 75% of the voting public in a binding referendum. This must follow a comprehensive and unbiased education programme.

Policy #6

1Law4All will never agree to the subversion, or erosion of our laws, religions or cultures by any foreign immigrant culture or religion that may wish to raise theirs above our own.

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What our supporters say

Excerpts from actual letters we have received from supporters

When I subscribed to your email list, automatically stopped to think about if I was opening myself up to some sort of victimising by maoridom. That then made me think what sort of country am I living in that I have a concern of that nature, I talked to my wife who is currently reading Twisting of the Treaty.  She had similar feelings when she was handed the book in public by a friend, and was concerned someone had noticed. We both agreed there is no way we should feel like this over this subject, so something is wrong in this country?
koru sq
Supporter #4
It’s fantastic to see a political party with a democratic policy for the majority of New Zealanders without favouring any minority groups. I have no doubt that the support for this new party will grow exponentially. I will be signing up as a member and I am happy to promote 1 LAW 4 ALL wherever I go. Well done on this initiative and may it grow and grow.
koru sq
Supporter #3
Just a quick email to say “well done” on setting up the party! I see the issue as not only “one law for all” (critical though that is) but also **historical honesty**. Things like the *nonsensical* inflating of the Parihaka story.  Things like the seeming coverups (by DOC et al) of possible pre-Maori sites in the Waipoua Forest and the West Coast. Keep up the good work!  Bye for now –
koru sq
Supporter #2
Congratulations !!! I have been waiting for this for years. Reading through your posting I cannot see a single word that I don't agree with. And not before time. I fear we have gone down the wrong road for many years and it will take a huge effort now to bring it back. If I can help I will. Very best regards.
koru sq
Supporter #1