Bogus Tuhoe Settlement


By – Reuben P. Chapple

Minister of Treaty Negotiations, Chris Finlayson (and his mental deficient advisers) clearly failed to ask the obvious question: “How can Tuhoe, who never signed the Treaty of Waitangi, qualify for a Treaty settlement?”

Pre-Treaty New Zealand consisted of hundreds of dispersed and petty tribes, each in a constant state of war with one another, and lacking any concept of nationhood.  History records that 512 chiefs signed the Treaty, while a substantial minority refused to, meaning there were probably more than 600 of these individually insignificant groups.

The Treaty of Waitangi was not with a collective “Maori,” but with tribes. Some signed it, some didn’t.

Under the legal doctrine of Privity of Contract, only the parties to an agreement are bound by it, or can claim its protection should there be a breach.

Accordingly, the Crown should never have entertained Treaty claims from Tainui, Tuwharetoa, and Tuhoe, whose forebears never signed it in the first place. Such claims can only be sustained by buying into the revisionist fiction that the Treaty was between two sovereign parties: the Crown and Maori.

On behalf of the rest of us, the Crown should have told Tuhoe to go see a taxidermist.

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