You Just Can’t Fix Stupid!

We just received this – but somehow I don’t think the request to be a member of 1law4all is genuine, do you?

It seems that Don Brash is being blamed for starting 1law4all. Poor man, as if he doesn’t have enough of his own problems, now he has ours too! Don was born in Wanganui. He is as indigenous as the rest of us.

Sorry Don, but it really can’t be helped. Some people out there are…well what can I say…you just can’t fix stupid. And while not all stupid people are racist, racist people are all stupid, this one certainly is!

TheDonBrashLetterJune2013 001

And it also seems that the above letter writer is not the only racist person about, unless it is the same person, who stupidly thinks 1law4all is a Don Brash come back. Check out this article written by Mana Party’s Te Hamua Nikora. (Te Hamua Nikora is the MANA Party Candidate for the Ikaroa Rawhiti By-Election. He is/was a presenter for Maori TV) It states boldly, as if it is fact, rather than racist opinion, ”

1 Law 4 All is simply a party for the Klu Klux Klan that will draw out the rednecks in the middle of the night so they can burn copies of the Treaty of Waitangi”
My knowledge of the Klu Klux Klan is pretty sketchy, but I’m pretty sure they were not working to achieve one law for all!

And a Don Brash come back? Some people really should do their research before they publish their ideas, then they wouldn’t look so silly. And for shame, Voxy and Scoop published that article of his too! Don’t editors check their sources any more?

Ok, time to get serious and take my tongue out of my cheek. Once and for all – Don Brash has nothing to do with 1Law4All. As for the references to the KKK, all I can say is that any attempt by some Maori to try and liken their very fair treatment by the colonists to the plight of the African Americans is laughable.

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