Mana Wants Low Interest Loans for Maori

Mana Wants Low Interest Loans For Maori


(My comments in Red)

The Mana party is promising to give Maori no deposit, low interest
home loans funded from the Government’s coffers Taxpayers. And Looky here, our old friend, Mana’s Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidate Te Hamua Nikora and leader Hone Harawira made the
announcement in policy announced in Pomare this morning. They said
Maori it’s not because they are Maori, all low income people are in the same boat were being driven out of the market by property developers and
foreign owners who were driving up prices. Maori Low income families were left
renting substandard accommodation, they said.

“[Our] loan scheme will encourage Maori to become homeowners and not
just renters of dumps owned by property developers,” Chances are they weren’t dumps till they got ratbag tenants into them! Nikora said. The scheme was similar to the Maori Affairs Housing Scheme that was canned in 1989. Only Maori first-home buyers would be eligible, Maori privilege alive and well he said.

It would be run through Te Puni Korkiri to “cut out banks and their
mean-spirited attitude to Maori” ? huh? Oh yeah, the meany banks expected to be paid back and wouldn’t loan to people who could not do so. No deposit would be needed and low
interest rates would be charged. Up to $200,000 could be borrowed to
buy a house or build, he said. Up to $200,000? These guys have no idea what a house costs these days. You can’t even build a landlords dump for that! Oh well, I guess we should be glad they are not going to be too generous with taxpayers money! Mana is looking to reintroduce Maori apprenticeships to help with the building. Can we all guess who will pay for that too? The scheme had not been costed, and Harawira said he had not spoken to other parties about
getting support. “The issue isn’t about cost; it’s about priorities.”

The Government was willing to give money and assistance to rich people
who did not need it, like Treaty Claimants, he said. He said it could build quality houses
for $200,000. Good luck on that one “Not something big and flash, but something comfortable
…. That’s the thing about Maori; we do have land,” he said. Mana also
pledged to build 10,000 state houses a year, now who do you suppose will get priority for renting those? starting with 500 in Ikaroa-Rawhiti, the electorate where a by-election will take place next week.

Harawira said it was “not just unethical, it’s immoral” I agree, they should be for everyone, regardless of race,  that people were being kicked out of state houses, including in the Pomare area of Lower Hutt where the announcement was made. Oh, he didn’t mean what I hoped he meant. He said he would not get arrested again in Pomare. Didn’t like prison food, “One arrest in each electoral term is enough.” Harawira was arrested while protesting about state house redevelopment in Glenn Innes, Auckland. He intends to represent himself in court next
month and said his trial was a political statement about the housing
situation in New Zealand.

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