Another Maori Only Privilege

This letter below, addressed to the Queenstown Lakes District Council, is another example of the many Maori only privileges. Privileges that are purely race-based.

30 June 2013

The Chief Executive
Queenstown Lakes District Council
Private Bag 50072

Dear Sir

I am the absentee owner of two properties within the QLDC’s district
in Glenorchy.

I have just received the QLDC Scuttlebutt newsletter and note with
interest on Page 4 an article “Celebrating our language” which
includes the advice:

For those whose heritage is not te reo Maori,
learning and celebrating the language is an opportunity to
live our responsibilities and obligations under
the Treaty of Waitangi and international law

I must say I was completely unaware that, as a QLDC ratepayer, I had
responsibilities and obligations to learn and celebrate the Maori language.

For my information, could you please refer me to the specific wording
within the Treaty of Waitangi and the specific wording in
international law that imposes this obligation on me.

Last year, I received a newsletter entitled “Sorting out the rates”
and noted with interest the circumstances which might entitle
ratepayers to apply for rates remission. These include:

G. Maori Freehold Land – when the land is unoccupied and no income is
generated from the land.

My land in Glenorchy is owned freehold. It is unoccupied and I derive
no income from it. Were it owned by Maori, it would qualify for rates
remission. But I am not Maori.

Could you please explain why the ethnicity of the owner of land should
be the sole determinant in deciding whether a property does or does
not qualify for rates remission.

I look forward to your reply on both matters.

We should all be writing letters like this to our councils!

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