It’s been hard to miss the Pakeha Party in recent days. The word is that there will soon be more on TV and radio about the Pakeha Party, and even suggestions they will change their name.

1law4all is in no way associated with David Ruck and the Pakeha Party.

The Electoral Commission requires originals of the 500 paid-up member application forms to register a political party – 1law4all is counting down the last 50 to achieving that.

  • There is no Pakeha Party – only talk of it – it is currently only a facebook phenomenon.
  •  1law4all has obtained registration as an incorporated society.
  • 1law4all has local electorate organisations and meetings in Hawke’s Bay and Bay of Plenty.
  • 1law4all is opening a national office in Mount Eden (Auckland), and new members will be invited in very shortly.
  • 1law4all is focussed on one thing and one thing only: getting rid of racial preference in NZ and so halting the squandering of billions of taxpayers dollars and resources in pay-outs to settle bogus racist claims.
  • 1law4all will also bring to a halt the present process of shutting ordinary kiwis out of NZ’s beaches and coastline.
  •  1law4all is focussed on equality of opportunity in law for ALL new Zealanders.
  • Exposure on facebook and national media definitely demonstrates that many ordinary kiwis have had enough, and 1law4all is determined to fix the problems by holding the balance of power in government in 2014.
  •  Don’t be seduced by the froth and fluff of a media and facebook frenzy. Slow and steady will win the race for 1law4all.
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