1Law4All Shines Floodlights on Legalised Corruption

For several weeks, 1Law4All has been communicating the consequences of Auckland Council transferring unfettered power to Iwi Authorities in the Auckland region.

Since last October and the notification of the city’s Unitary Plan, many Aucklanders requiring resource consents have been obliged to seek “Cultural Impact Assessments” from iwi. This is because 3,600 purple dots in Auckland (each covering many well-established homes) are now deemed “of value” to iwi. With no substantiation or reason given! And iwi have only assessed 35% of Auckland so there’s more to come.

People are having to apply for iwi approval to put up a garden shed or cut down a tree and negotiate with 6 or 8 self-appointed (unsubstantiated) Iwi Authorities and pay whatever they ask for – which has been thousands of dollars, with no limits.

So not only did the Council allow this imposition on thousands of residential and commercial properties, they also ditched their responsibilities to manage and control this unsubstantiated and corruptible process.

This meant each individual property owner has had to negotiate personally the timing, the extent and the cost of the process with several tribal groups – before they could even lodge a resource consent application!

So 1Law4All members rallied and, with limited resources, did what they could to:

  • Organise meetings
  • Inform landowners
  • Engage the media
  • Write to Councillors (some were completely in the dark until we informed them!)
  • Contact MPs
  • Raise awareness on social media sites

As a result, significantly more submissions were made by the closing date this week, the media have picked up the issue, and some other political parties have finally come out of the woodwork to join in condemning the undemocratic and corruptible process.

So while the Unitary Plan Hearings will take the next 2-3 years (!!!), we hope the public outrage will now force the Council to take immediate steps to tidy up a process heavily suggestive of intimidation and extortion.

So a pat on the back to all 1Law4All members who helped make that happen!

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