For several weeks, 1Law4All has been communicating the consequences of Auckland Council transferring unfettered power to Iwi Authorities in the Auckland region.

Since last October and the notification of the city’s Unitary Plan, many Aucklanders requiring resource consents have been obliged to seek “Cultural Impact Assessments” from iwi. This is because 3,600 purple dots in Auckland (each covering many well-established homes) are now deemed “of value” to iwi. With no substantiation or reason given! And iwi have only assessed 35% of Auckland so there’s more to come.

People are having to apply for iwi approval to put up a garden shed or cut down a tree and negotiate with 6 or 8 self-appointed (unsubstantiated) Iwi Authorities and pay whatever they ask for – which has been thousands of dollars, with no limits.

So not only did the Council allow this imposition on thousands of residential and commercial properties, they also ditched their responsibilities to manage and control this unsubstantiated and corruptible process.

This meant each individual property owner has had to negotiate personally the timing, the extent and the cost of the process with several tribal groups – before they could even lodge a resource consent application!

So 1Law4All members rallied and, with limited resources, did what they could to:

  • Organise meetings
  • Inform landowners
  • Engage the media
  • Write to Councillors (some were completely in the dark until we informed them!)
  • Contact MPs
  • Raise awareness on social media sites

As a result, significantly more submissions were made by the closing date this week, the media have picked up the issue, and some other political parties have finally come out of the woodwork to join in condemning the undemocratic and corruptible process.

So while the Unitary Plan Hearings will take the next 2-3 years (!!!), we hope the public outrage will now force the Council to take immediate steps to tidy up a process heavily suggestive of intimidation and extortion.

So a pat on the back to all 1Law4All members who helped make that happen!

Muriel Newman talks to Larry Williams about outrage spreading over the Auckland Unitary Plan. (Radio / audio)

Alarm is growing about proposed rules in the Auckland Unitary Plan for cultural impact assessments.

Maori Affairs spokesman Shane Jones says Iwi consent rule costly, dangerous and carries risk of jaundicing community view of indigenous heritage. (Aucklander)

Unbelievable Racism from the Maori Party.   (Sunlive)

Shane Jones has slammed a new rule requiring Auckland property owners to seek iwi approval to work on sites of cultural and heritage value to Maori, calling it dangerous and an extra compliance cost.  (NZ Herald)

Maori veto on water use! Users of 10-year-old bore supply told to seek approval from 14 Maori groups. (NZ Herald)


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21 thoughts on “1Law4All Shines Floodlights on Legalised Corruption

  1. Well done we need to rally together to stop these things. We pay rates and taxes so should have a say before anything like this is approved. Without our money they would all be out if work.

  2. This to me is another blatant attempt by the self appointed self nominated Maori race to take back what they think they still own. My god they sold Auckland three times. We are giving them authority to destroy our city and to make money at the same time. I frankly have had enough of this nonesense and have got to the stage of treating all of these people as a threat to my community and our country. I have had enough.

  3. Just another tiresome scam! Just throw a bone in a hole and call it culturally sensitive! Outrageous!
    I personally no longer accept Maori as a separate race. They are just New Zealanders like myself who came here from somewhere else – also like myself – and as such they gain no more relevance or respect than I would proffer to any other immigrant.

  4. Congratulations to 1law4all.

    You are fulfilling a need desperately needed in NZ – focusing
    on issues critical to this country’s well-being. The willingness of our elected local and national representatives
    to pander to a so-called indigenous race whose blood lines have been thoroughly mixed with European blood lines is an indictment of them in their failure to govern in the interests of ALL NZers.

    John Mathews

  5. Well done everyone. I’m totally fed up with this whole rort which is nothing short of fraud on a grand scale. We must stop this divisive nonsense and all pull together as one people, like the Treaty intended. There must be nothing given out based on race. It must be on need only.

    Something must be done to stop this seemingly runaway train relating to consultation with Iwi on everything that opens and shuts. This is a total fabrication, is costing our country billions and lining the pockets of people who should not be gaining one little cent.

    Equality under the law for everyone is the only way and is what the Treaty intended. Nothing more.

  6. …What a regular event this is…the Treaty Grievance industry, perpetuated and endorsed by the ‘neo-Nazi’ low-life Traitors…guess who..? c.finlayson/key. When is this ruthless ‘con-job’ on all the people of New Zealand to be stopped..? In practical terms the “Treaty” rubbish is already in our constitution …NZ is well established on the highway of racial discrimination,racial hatred, social disruption, poverty (plenty of this )civil strife and Tribalism ..When New Zealanders awake to their total loss of Democracy and then discovering that ‘slavery’ to the privileged maori-elite is established already , with the continuous Waitangi settlements…there will be NO prisoners taken…when this hits the streets…WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND…NOW…

  7. yes another disgusting scam to drain newzealanders wealth backed by successive governments so they can get their greedy hands on our hard earned historical wealth . fits u.n. agenda 21 perfectly. wake up n.z

  8. The non-democratic Iwi approval for a multitude of identified matters concerning ALL NZ’ers are an accurate problem that is occurring or will occur within the total NZ urban and rural lands.

    Enough is enough; 1law4all…are you going to establish a formal political party [if not already established?] and contest the forthcoming 2014 Election?
    I strongly suggest that both the current National Party would listen strongly to you plus of course Winston Peters of NZ First.

    Be great to have a media campaign plus local public meetings explaining the non-racial basis that you stand for and that ALL NZ’ers not only Maori should be the equal recipients of any law and programs for social betterment.

    What say you?

  9. I’m so sick of the maori racist/anarchists and our spineless govt., which is permitting the abolition of democracy in NZ,that I’m leaving for good next month.

      1. Good old Mr. Burke, he was certainly onto it!. The problem we have in NZ, is that nobody is going to be standing for parliament on a “let’s tell the boss maoris who are all called Smiff anyway, to get lost”, ticket.
        So, the answer must surely be, that the people march on parliament, grab those self-serving ne’er do wells by the scruffs of their necks and tell ’em that we’re bloody sick of it and we won’t be voting for ’em until they stop treating us like second class citizens in our own country.
        Will this happen? Please refer to the words “fat and “chance” in my earlier comment.
        PS I’m leaving…

  10. The Treaty of Waitangi states that we are equal under the Law. This being so we should have the same rights as Maori. However the Te Ture Whenua Act 1993 restricts land purchases and transfer of land shares. This by continuous subdivision of land ownership within a Hapu means an individual’s owner-ship is whittled away to almost nothing and land underutilised sometimes to grow gorse and nothing else.
    I believe the the Maori Land Court no longer has a place in NZ. Is disbandonment would save Government finance.

  11. The maori came also from elsewhere, have been eating the people who were living here before them.
    After that they have been fighting and eating each other.
    If the europeans hadn’t come here in New Zealand there would be hardly any maori left and the rest of them would still be running around in reed skirts with feathers in their hair. What rights can they claim on the skills and the money the Europeans have been WORKING FOR. Let’s be realistic and be one people, one law for all, one New Zealand, NO racism please. Everybody inhales the same air.
    No special priveleges for any group of people, white or brown or any mixture of colour.Go back to the original Treaty instead of making up your own interpretation of the Treaty signed and sealed in good faith by our ancestors.

    1. What lovely thoughts. The words fat and chance come to mind. Perhaps if us whiteys took to the streets and marched on parliament, instead of whining on sites like this, we might get somewhere.

      1. You have mirrored my thoughts exactly, John. I reckon we are down to the last resort and that is marching on Parliament – in huge numbers preferably so that they will sit up and take notice. It would be good actually if we could have marches down the main streets in many cities and towns just to show that it is a NZ-wide concern.

        Apart from that the only other chance we have is for a charismatic leader to come forth who has plenty of money and his country’s wellbeing at heard and not his own ambitions. We must have binding referenda and racial equality under the law – nothing less.

    2. Hear, hear, Fairy. You are so right. We must insist on racial equality under the law because that’s what the true Treaty was all about.

  12. We are actually our own worst enemies! People who whine and mouth off about the state of our environment will not put their votes with the “Greens’ cuckoo-land policies” where it could do the most good and likewise those of us who moan about these equality issues are seemingly too proud to place our votes with the only party who have openly accused the Maori Party and National for validating apartheid!
    Why? Because most tend to devalue the capabilities of Winston Peters. Is he really any less capable than half the clowns we already have running this country?
    I don’t think so.

    1. ….on Target Ken….Winston Peters is a possible candidate for restoring Democracy to New Zealand …He would have to “go all out” to tell the truth of the corruption..of the present Govt. with the Traitors Key/Finlayson…selling all New Zealanders into ‘slavery’ with the rampant Tribalism” being created on a regular basis by the secretive Waitangi Tribunal…… a “Revolution” no less…led by Winston…

  13. This is a classic example of Divide and Rule!
    Enough is Enough. The creation of a Supercity has been a major step in advancing the “Totalatarian Creep” If you amalgamate many smaller (local councils)voices it is far easier to Rule. This is exactly what is happening. The now amalgamated AKL Council can now do whatever it likes because there is no requirement to appease all the other district councils enabling the AKL Council to Fasttrack Regulatory changes. There are now moves to amalgamate all the other councils around NZ to come under one Umbrella like Auckland has. A very dangerous step indeed.
    Divide and Rule …. typical tactics to take away attention from the Totalatarian Creep. Get out and March on Saturday 29th March 1pm in most centres throughout NZ. The March is AGAINST THE TPPA. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Just Google ‘TPPA’ and you will discover how much danger the people of NZ are currently in.
    Nevermind the iwi, if this TTPA gets signed (in secrecy by this current Government), then these spats with iwi will be completely irrelevent. Please google TTPA!! Cheers. Nina.

    1. ..Helen..had a cruise via the TTPA website……has a pro-‘iwi’ angle ….why be concerned at this ‘external threat’ of the TTPA…when the “Real Enemy” is on board here in NZ..!! In the form of the “iwi low life”.. encouraged by the Traitors ,in the form of, the ‘ gutless’ duo of Key/Finlayson…Why does the TTPA wish to maintain the Corrupt Tribalist Waitangi ‘rubbish’ as it stands with the Waitangi Tribunal “gravy train..” ???????

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