Not Your Usual Political Party

“Who exactly is 1Law4All?” Good question!

We are everyday New Zealanders who fear for the damage being done to our country by greedy politicians and an unaccountable bureaucracy.

Our executive is a handful of volunteers from around the country. People who have all the usual work, personal and social commitments but feel someone has to make a stand.

We are purposefully a one-platform party that will not go into coalition with any other party, so there can be no subjugating of our principles in return for the baubles and trinkets of power, as some parties have done.

Our members are from all over New Zealand, from all parts of the political spectrum. To keep faith with all of them, our voting position in parliament (thinking positively!) will be based on racial and legal equality and democracy. Our candidates will not be allowed conscience votes.

What We Are Not

We are not yet well-resourced, well-connected, nor politically shrewd.

We do not yet have any significant financial backing.

Despite that, in the last 11 months we have:

  • Established our organisation, and have become an Incorporated Society;
  • Set up a website and facebook page which have proved very effective;
  • Sent possible funders copies of “Twisting the Treaty” and requests for help;
  • Distributed 152,000 brochures door-to-door and via rural delivery;
  • Placed newspaper advertisements in NBR and regional papers;
  • Organised regional public meetings to raise awareness and fight against legalised corruption in local government;
  • Encouraged members to email councillors and MPs; and
  • Gained approximately 1,150 members, some of whom are regular donors.

Not bad for a brand new organisation!


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