Submissions Reveal The Constitutional Advisory Panel’s Duplicity & Spin

Posted on March 30, 2014 by Mike Butler on NZCPR
Mike Butler
An analysis of submissions to the Constitutional Advisory Panel obtained under the Official Information Act reveals an overwhelming and deep opposition to treaty politics. A fact that was obscured in the panel’s report to government. The Constitutional Advisory Panel always said its purpose was to take the nation’s pulse on constitutional matters. If the panel had reflected the wishes expressed in the 5259 written submissions, the recommendations would have been very different to the ‘massaged’ report published before Christmas 2013. I.e.

  • Maori seats in parliament should be abolished, according to 79% of respondents. 8% wanted to retain current system, 5% thought it should be decided by Maori, and 3% wanted Maori seats entrenched.
  • 70% said there should be no separate part-Maori representation in local government. 9% wanted Maori wards.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi should have no future role within New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, according to 63%, while 16% thought it had a role.
  • Moreover, 72% did not want the treaty to be made a formal part of the constitution. 23% thought it should.
  • Part-Maori electoral participation could be improved in the same way electoral participation is encouraged for all, according to 83%.
  • A total of 66% said that New Zealand should not have a written constitution. 28% wanted a single written document.

(Abridged. Percentages have been rounded to whole numbers)
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