…and suddenly, it’s all worth while.

It’s not often that you cheer and laugh out loud whilst reading a letter sent to someone else. But that is exactly what I did last week when I received the letter below.

It’s a copy of a letter sent to Greg Hamilton, the General Manager of the National Party, by one of our members, Mr John Bell. Mr Bell was sent a Membership Renewal reminder by the National Party, and the letter below was his response to them:

John Bell Letter Scan2

This party has been established by a small group of enthusiastic people who are deeply concerned about the way this country is going. We have all worked many many hours over many months on all the intricacies of getting the proper form of organisation established with which to make a stand at this coming election. When you receive something like this in the mail – suddenly you feel as though it’s all worth while.

Thank you Mr Bell, for your support and for this morale boost.

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