1Law4All Holds Inaugural AGM


1Law4All’s inaugural AGM was packed out. Speaking at the waterfront conference venue in Napier on Sunday, newly elected President Dr Tom Johnson, said that minorities do tyranny far better than any democratic majority has ever done, so how could race-based privilege and power ever have a good outcome for New Zealand?

Members and friends were held riveted by guest speaker David Round, Senior Law Lecturer at Canterbury University. He comprehensively explained why the departure from democracy’s basic tenets of absolute legal equality, one person, one vote and no tax without elected representation was a “really stupid idea”.

“After nearly two centuries of inter-marriage, separating us legally on race-based grounds is totally ludicrous. For example, Ngai Tahu has tribal members with only 1/256th Ngai Tahu blood.  How could the genetic inheritance of one great-great-great-great-great-great grandparent outweigh the blood of the 255 other great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents?” asked David Round. (Note: His highly entertaining and politically honest performance will be available on YouTube soon).

In describing 1Law4All, Dr Johnson explained that the organisation is a grassroots movement of ordinary New Zealanders, united by a concern for the country’s future. There are over 1,200 members nationwide. They come from across the political spectrum – from the Greens to Act – and from Southland to Northland, with particularly strong followings in both the Bay of Plenty and Hawke’s Bay.

Members present elected a Board of Directors for the forthcoming year.

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Left-to-right: Dr Tom Johnson, John Bell, Collin Blackman, Fiona MacKenzie, Perry Spiller.

“If politicians were truly representing the people, we could simply get on with our lives,” said Dr Johnson. “But we can’t sit back and watch the greedy and self-interested destroy our democracy and entrench corrupt, apartheid policies.

“By registering as a political party, we will at very least provide disenfranchised voters with somewhere to put their protest vote on 20th September.

“We fear for our children and grandchildren. The politically driven racism infiltrating government, councils and the bureaucracy is seeing the rise of an unelected, unaccountable and untouchable elites – people solely focused on growing their wealth and power base. They do not care for the people or the country as whole.  And they are making very little effort to raise health and education standards or improve the lot of the truly needy.”

David Round: departure from democracy's basic tenets of absolute legal equality was a 'really stupid idea.'
David Round: departure from democracy’s basic tenets of absolute legal equality was a ‘really stupid idea.’


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