Bravery or Madness?

If you thought things were bad in New Plymouth and again in New Plymouth, plus elsewhere, they just got a whole lot worse. Rotorua Councillor Mike McVicker now stands branded as a “rogue” for standing up for democracy. What the . . . . ?

A lone voice for democracy in Rotorua. In New Plymouth, at least there were seven stalwart defenders of democracy against five craven racists. Do e-mail the magnificent seven and give them your support.

And please click here to e-mail Mike and tell him that you support him, 100%!

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Almost as bad as genocide being given the euphemism of “ethnic cleansing.”
But you and 1Law4All are not alone.
Letters to Editor Re M McVickors resignation

more letters to editor re M McVickor




Go to the Rotorua Post web site and log your vote.
Whether it’s Rotorua or New Plymouth, both are examples of why this canker must be excised before the whole of NZ becomes rotten with racial gangrene and dies.

So what can you do? Spread the word. Tell friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues.

Unless 1Law4All gets enough of the vote in the September General Election to stop this insanity, you will soon be a serf to the part-Maori tribal elite, in your own country.


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