We Did It!!


Despite the nay-saying tales which you might’ve heard about it never happening, 1Law4All is now a registered political party! See the registration information listed on the Electoral Commission web site, here.

Did you hear that the Maori Party objected to the 1Law4All logo on the grounds that the graphical depiction of the concept of one law for all was offensive? The Electoral Commission, it seems, did not agree.

Here’s the text of the Maori Party objection:

“Our objection to this logo is that it is offensive to both Maori and non-Maori New Zealanders who respect the Treaty of Waitangi, because it is based on a political ideology which falsely proposes the abrogation of the law that relates to indigenous rights and property.”

“A further objection is that the logo is misleading. It is misleading to give the electorate the impression that the Treaty and indigenous law can be nullified, by a majority vote, and to assume that Maori enjoy some special privilege at law to the detriment of other New Zealand citizens.”

Below is a copy of the media release sent out by the Electoral Commission. I wonder if the media, who have pretty much ignored us so far, will actually print it:


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