Notice of a Special General Meeting of 1Law4All Incorporated

Wednesday 24 September
7.00 pm
The Armitage Hotel
9 Willow Street


* Apologies

* Adoption of the Minutes of the 25 May 2014 AGM

* Any Matters Arising

* Election of Officers and Board members

* General Business

26 thoughts on “SGM Notice

  1. Ohhh this is such a shame! I was hoping that this party was going to have a person standing in Hawkes Bay! I dont think I can vote Conservative Party…..I just can’t!! 🙁

    1. Why not? It sounds like you have fallen for the “Get Colin Craig” media campaign projecting him as a fool. Colin is a university lecturer and has started five successful businesses, but he has the one quality that all other politicians hate – he is an honest man.

    2. Vote NZFirst and get the real deal. Mr Craig is never going to make it to 5%. NZFirst will and Winston has more experience. I do wish people would see what is going on. A vote for the Conservatives is just a way of undermining NZFirst. They have the same policies and are talking to the same voter block. I am wanting real change, so I will vote for a real Party, not a clone.

      1. Reality check needed. How old are you? Winston First has been bangin’ on about this for the last 3-4 elections. And – guess what – nothing has ever been done about it in the past, even when there was more than a handful of Winston First MPs in parliament. And you can bet money that nothing will ever be done about it in the future, either.

        Baubles and trinkets, anyone? No! No! Not me, says Winnie (the poo).

  2. Yes Val it is a shame I would be interested in your reasons for not voting conservative
    We all need someone to vote for in these upcoming elections

  3. Wouldn’t National be the only likely coalition partner? If so, a Conservative vote is a vote for National – if you see what I mean.

    1. National are almost certainly going to get in – anyone who wants to have a voice will have to team up with them. If Labour get enough to form a coalition with the Greens, God help us….. They both live in dreamland as far as finances, reasonable priced electricity to keep industry going and financial implications of social services are concerned. Despite the very obvious failings of National, they at least have the financial nouse to keep the country running securely. If they get in with a majority, they will not have to team up with and bribe the Maori party for the monthly Confidence & Supply vote, which haS been the root of many of the Maori-oriented problems that we dislike. I will vote National for the Candidate and Conservative for the Party vote.

      1. Remind us, how many million are they borrowing each week to do just that?

        National nous keeping NZ running? Yeah, right. Running on empty.

  4. Nats are going to get in regardless. what we need to work out is who do we want them in with? Maori party or conservative party. conservatives get my vote

  5. we need to Colin Craig and the Conservatives in the House.I would like to see him in there and he’s getting close to the 5% threshold required…He is an honest bloke & tells it like it is, he is constant in his remarks about no special rights for any race of people ..Instead of the warbling going on from the 2 main parties & greens which seek to divide us all.

  6. Hes not even close to the 5%. I smell your desperation….but surely you all saw this coming?

    1. Poll today shows Conservatives at 4.6%. That’s pretty close. We need someone honest and it looks like we might finally get one. Party vote for Conservatives is a vote for a united NZ.

        1. I would suggest that you meet the man and decide for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised.

          1. Too many people rely on “propaganda” insinuations by other party followers or very biased media reporting. As Mitch says – try and meet the candidates personally before making your mind up – or at least watch their broadcasts live (not the edited media versions, which can be very misleading).
            The media are as honest as retired lawyers who have turned to selling cars to politicians……. All they are interested in is sensation to sell their stories.

  7. Val you have to vote:
    National have lost their way but the Left is very scary and with Conservative (Colin Craig,Garth McVicar and Christine Rankin)as a Coalition Partner with National and Probably David Seymour of Act,it will keep National honest and we will not have to put up with Chris Finlayson’s Racist Part Maori Party.
    I’m voting National Constituent and Conservative Party.
    Do not waste your party vote on National because under MMP for every successful Constituent candidate National gets the system deducts party votes.It is not democracy but that is how MMP works.

    1. MMP is the greatest disaster that has ever happened in NZ politics – it means rule by the minorities. Main party election platforms go out the window when minor coalition parties demand their pet projects go through on threat of withdrawing support in the monthly Confidence & Supply nonsense. The only hope is for reasonable coalition partners – that is where the party vote is really more important than the candidate vote.

  8. Strange how some misguided folk believe Winnie’s claim about policies. The Conservatives announced their policies before NZ First, so it was Winston who did the copying! Party vote for Conservatives is the way to keep National honest and help to eliminate growing racism.

  9. Right on Ross.
    MMP is totally undemocratic ,But most voters do not know how to cast their vote strategically and waste their vote.
    Mind you it is designed to confuse for a reason.

  10. Wins ton is big on experience and gamesmanship but light on substance He had
    Plenty of opportunity in the past to make a real contribution to equality but declined to
    Colin on the other hand is light on political gamesmanship and experience but I believe strong on policy and integrity Don’t believe the media beat up on him and misquotes He stands for what they don’t like and has a real chance to make the 5
    percent threshold and a real contribution

    1. If people hang back on a party because they have not yet reached the magic 5%, then the party is doomed to failure – it is YOUR votes that make up the 5%. Don’t shirk your responsibility. Be part of the 5%. It is like not bothering to enter a race because you haven’t won it before it starts !!

  11. Go Colin Craig, Winston has well & truly had his time. I think it’s time to get some new blood in there that will hopefully start the much needed end to all the PC politics that we are all hamstrung by. Bring back common sense I say. The Conservatives have been hammered by the brainwashed deluded people that are a product of our “world class education system” as is anyone else that knows the difference between right & wrong from the media through to all people that have been brainwashed by all the BS coming out of accademia!!!!

  12. Totally agree with you Glenn.
    If you saw TV one news a couple of nights ago more part-Maori propaganda by the PC news Media. People donating curtains for the POOR part-Maori in Northland and the overweight part-Maori saying how great it was to get the curtains to keep the house warm.The cameras showed inside the house. It was a filthy tip once you got passed the 60 inch TV and not 1 but 2 32inch screened desktop computers.
    If you are poor, does this mean you have to be fat and filthy?
    Us poor old taxpayers getting ripped again by the cunning benefisheries!!!!! and PC media.

  13. They are not really poor, if you look at the billions that are thrown at them every year they should be on the top of the heap, not the bottom. It is all to do with their pathetic excuse for a culture that they hide behind, which all the PC academics have been sucked in by. They are laughing their heads off at the dumb honkies that keep throwing money at them so that they can sit around, get pissed & stoned, eat truck loads of KFC & McRubber & generally go nowhere. Meanwhile the academics are all shocked & stunned by all the bad statistics that they keep coming up with as far as maori are concerned, but they are so indoctrinated that they cannot see that it is the money & the welfare along with the maori attitude that is the root of all their problems. They will bleat that we don’t understand & maori need to look after themselves, yeah right – look at the way they look after their families, oh yeah thats just it, they don’t, they spit em out & we pick up the pieces & get the blame over & over. Then they think they can educate themselves, that is working really well, just see how many are in prison or sitting on a benefit, but the academics will tell you the problem is that they need more money, & here we go again!!!!

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