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$370m Treaty ‘Pool’ for Hawke’s Bay

Posted by 1Law4All on December - 22 - 2014 with 7 Comments

$370m Treaty ‘Pool’ for Hawke’s Bay
Hawke’s Bay Today
22 December, 2014
Treaty settlements totalling about $370 million will bring “a formidable addition to the capital pool” available for investment in Hawke’s Bay, says the head of one of the largest settlement groups. David Tipene-Leach, the chairman of He Toa Takitini, says his group’s vision is to become a “major investor in our regional economy” using the $100 million-plus Crown settlement it is due to begin receiving from next year.

“Crown settlement” means you – the NZ taxpayer – pays and – from bitter experience – we know that no “Crown settlement” is ever full and final, no matter that it is called as such!

7 Responses so far.

  1. Roger Strong says:

    They are only ‘full and final’ until the next claim! Ngati Tahu have had at least 2 ‘full and final’ settlements so far……

    • Helen says:

      I thought it was five ‘full and final’ settlements, Roger. This country is going to be broke by the time they have finished these bogus claims. But then, they will never finish so where does that leave us? Will anyone who can do something about it ever wake up to what’s going on?

  2. atrout says:

    By the way, Chris Finlayson intends to move from politics back to the legal profession to work on the Ngai Tahu top up when the settlement is renegotiated. He is quite open about his plans to go back to his earlier work. The Waitangi process is never going to end as the relativity clauses are invoked.

  3. P. Johanson says:

    well, its time to leave. A beautiful country. Rotten politician. I got one more asset to sell and I am with my family out middle of February.

    • John Davison says:

      Know how you feel. We moved back to the UK earlier this year, after 12 1/2 years of seeing a great country going inexorably down the drain. We feel so sorry for our good Kiwi friends, who are stuck in NZ. Sadly, the bad guys have all the power there.

  4. Kenneth Taylor says:

    Yes, I too would leave this beautiful land I came to 54 years ago, if I had the means. It is certainly not the country I came to live in back in 1962!
    I have advised my children to get the hell out of here too, as I see no solution to the imminent “train wreck” awaiting down the track.

  5. Graeme says:

    Its incredible isnt it and still the sheeple sleep on
    The inherent fairness that most New Zealanders have is being thoroughly exploited behind what Judge McMahon described as
    an “orchestrated litany of lies”

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