It May Already Be Too Late.

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As has been suggested already, most claims will be back door ones: secret deals with Whinlayson, announced more-or-less after the fact. Click here to go to the Justice Dept web site with all-but-settled claims details. As the spectre of the Mahia grab looms, other chunks of the Hawke’s Bay coastline are being given away. Was / is the Mahia grab a diversion, to keep attention from being directed elsewhere?
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15 thoughts on “It May Already Be Too Late

  1. In most countries Finlayson would be shot as a traitor. In NZ, this unelected weasel will no doubt be given a knighthood for his dis-service to NZ. How did we let it come to this?

    1. You are quite right and he is a traitor. But, it is because nobody has stopped guys like Finlayson. As someone great, once said… Apathy will be the death of democracy. By the look of it, it is too late for NZ.

    2. He’s given away my beaches; He’s given away my mountains; He’s given away my equal rights – and I used to think I was a New Zealander.

  2. I had already given up on the part Maori juggernaut, because no one headed my call to go international with the story.
    This ongoing travesty can only be stopped in its tracks if these impostors and facilitators are exposed to the international media.
    To my knowledge, the validity of part Maori as a race of people has never been challenged. Why not?
    A concentrated appeal to the British press should be initiated, with a well scripted account of what is happening to the hapless non Maori population, together with a projected forecast of what New Zealand will become if the machinations of Maori are realized.

    1. You are so right about true genetics not being tested, this leaves the door open for all Kiwis to become Maori as well. Just change your nationality on the electoral roll. I have heard of two 100% Europeans doing this to get educational grants. It would highlight the farce we don’t seem to be able to stop. A few Chinese Maori would be a good thing as well.
      If you can’t beat them join them.
      Then maybe we can make a few customary claims of our own.

  3. this is an absolute disgrace. It is now over 160 yrs since the treatyI it should be I Iaw for all, as for a iwi to have final say is a DISGRACE

  4. I absolutely agree with all the comments above. It’s just beggars belief that this gigantic fraud is being perpetuated upon us all with hardly a murmur of disapproval. If it wasn’t so desperately serious, it would be laughable. What a gullible lot many people are in this country to sit back and let this happen. I’ve been opposing it since 1995 and have achieved zilch. The grievance industry’s juggernaut just keeps rolling on and actually seems to be gathering speed. What will this country be like in another 10 years? Yes, Finlayson and John Key, because he isn’t stopping Finlayson, are both traitors. If only it was still a crime in this country.

    1. Helen you have summed it up in a nut shell. The frightening part of your words is the speed the juggernaut is gathering because of the truth of the statement.

  5. I am utterly gob smacked after reading even more about the greedy Maori juggernaut. It is beyond my comprehension how we are even on this track, particularly after Helen Clarke got the foreshore act back to the crown in 2004. This sly government will impact our future generations deeply. What happens in those countries where freedom has been taken? It gets to a point where those without there freedom have nothing to lose, and we know where it goes from there.

    What the hell is going on within our press? Their premise is to protect with honesty openness and integrity. Where is honesty and integrity when by saying nothing about that which is powerfully and deliberately unjust?

    I lived and worked in Australia for twenty years and the multi culture society made no waves because there is one law for all, yet each culture is respected by others because it is favours none above another. How the blazes can voters not look at the longer term and realise what a traitor to New Zealanders John Key really is.

    The trouble is the subtleness of this insidious cancer goes unrecognised by the average NZ,der, they only see that that there are more jobs and that buying a new car is so easy now and so on. But go into the back country and discover the overgrown tracks that once were maintained by the Department of Conservation. Once handed over to Maori the swing bridges get taken down because they aren’t maintained. What harm would my footprints cause where only wild deer roam? When I read about the act and the fines associated with it I can only ponder at the shear lunacy. This Finlayson has to be stopped in his tracks.

    I am deeply angry… and not just for myself.

    Darryl Gibb

    1. Hear, hear, Darryl. You have echoed my sentiments exactly. I’ve been ‘onto’ this since 1995, written many letters to politicians, helped with referenda, the odd letter to the Editor but a number of letters to the actual Editor and not for publication etc and achieved exactly nothing. The juggernaut is just speeding regardless. The Press just don’t seem interested and one wonders why. They should be doing their job and investigating and informing us all. But, no. Not a teeny bit of information. I am starting to feel now that this country is going to the dogs but the selfish apathetic people wont even notice until it starts to affect them personally. It will be too late then and they will probably wonder how it all happened.

  6. We had the opportunity to do something about these issues at the last election, but either the NZ public did not realise the importance of where the country was headed, or they did not care.
    I for one, will not obey racist laws, and the time is close for demonstrations and en-masse public disobedience, with the invasion of “OUR Beaches, lakes and forests by ordinary kiwis”. KIWIS NOT IWIS! Demonstrations succeeded in stopping the Springbok RUGBY! tours, so we can use the same tactic again. (John Minto stood up against apartheid in sport but has done a back-flip on Maori issues.)

  7. KIWI.

    I was born a Kiwi,
    the land belonged to me;
    The mountain peaks, the hillsides,
    the beaches and the sea.
    The National Parks, historic sites –
    part of heredity –
    but now they are no longer mine
    because of ancestry.
    To blend two races into one
    a Treaty was designed;
    it’s purpose being to create
    a country colour blind.
    Somehow the intent of that deed
    was twisted to divide –
    with Maori on the one hand,
    others on the other side.
    The spirit of the Treaty,
    the purpose of it all,
    was to unite two races
    with equality for all.
    Our leaders have all failed us
    With rulings that they pass,
    Although I’m still a Kiwi
    now I’m Kiwi, second class.

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