NP Mayor Judd Mounts UN Challenge to Democracy

A 2016 Update

Good Riddance to Racist Rubbish

On Friday 6 May 2016, New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd announced he will not seek re-election after being harassed and abused following his championing of race-based Council representation, then adding his Mayoral vote to the creation of a Maori Ward for the New Plymouth Council.

Parts of the community were outraged. Grey Power petitioned and forced a binding referendum, while 83 per cent of New Plymouth voters didn’t want un-elected part-Maori representation.

“I was removed as a patron of a club, uninvited to community events. Getting abuse walking down the street at the Santa parade,” Mr Judd told Seven Sharp. Mr Judd said he has been spat on by a woman in a supermarket while with his children. “From that point on I’ve somewhat hidden my family, stopped taking them to events and things.”

“Friends [I’ve] known for years [were] avoiding me, ringing me up saying what a mistake, we voted for you, you’re a Maori lover,” Mr Judd said. “I had a man dressed in a Nazi uniform come to see me, saying hatred stuff, I had Christians quoting chapters of the bible.” Other mayors from throughout New Zealand have also avoided him at local government meetings.

The TV1 story is here.

The Original Story

New Plymouth Mayor Judd Opposes & Mounts UN Challenge to Democracy

New Plymouth voters have overwhelmingly rejected the introduction of a Maori ward in the district. In a citizens-initiated referendum on the issue, 83 percent of those who voted were against the proposal. A total of 56,250 people were eligible to vote with 45 percent doing so. Mr Judd said he was going to take a complaint against the Government’s Maori wards legislation to the United Nations. He said the fact that a council’s decision to have a Maori ward could be overturned by a citizens-initiated referendum was unfair. Mr Judd said he had been speaking with a representative of the United Nations over the last few weeks about a challenge to the Crown.

Hugh Johnson, who sponsored the petition forcing a referendum, said he was satisfied with the result which was more clear-cut than he expected. I think it’s very good. We beat Northland the vote there was only 66 percent. So the voters are feeling like I do [in thinking] that people should only be elected to council on their own merit.

– Radio NZ

Picture New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd (left) accepting a petition from Hugh Johnson in 2014, which called for a poll on the Maori ward initiative.

Andrew Judd just does not get it!

The New Plymouth Mayor had to go for a drive and a bush walk to internalise the results of a local referendum that had 83% vote against the creation of a separate Maori Ward in the District.

What Mr Judd does not get is that as an elected representative he was elected to represent people – to be a voice of the people. He was not elected to impose his own views on the community. The problem Mr Judd has in particular is that there is a canyon like divide between his views are those of the community.

What makes matters worse for the Mayor is he did not express his views about Maori representation to the electorate before being elected. He therefore cannot claim any mandate whatsoever to advocate the separatist democracy he is now so doggedly promoting.

Mr Judd is in the wrong job. He should simply accept that his view is so different from the community that he is not able to represent it in a manner that the community could reasonably expect.  For the sake of the New Plymouth district he should not stand again for election. Better still, he should accept that fact and resign now.

– Frank Newman

NP Ratepayers Say NO to Racist Representatives

A Maori ward seat has been given a resounding no from the people of the New Plymouth district. The council’s controversial decision to have a Maori ward was overturned in a landslide vote on Friday after a district-wide, binding referendum. 83% of voters in the binding referendum voted against the creation of the ward, with only 17 per cent of people in favour of the idea.

From the 45 per cent voter turnout and the 25,338 returned votes, 21,053 people were against the creation of the ward, with only 4285 in favour of it. New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd, who championed the proposal, said he was disappointed with the result. But I accept it with peace and humbleness, he said.

– Taranaki News

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