1Law4All (Or Only the majority?)

In case you missed it, from TVNZ One News.

‘One Law For All New Zealanders’ – Anger Over Police Moves Not To Fine Unlicensed Maori
(17 June, 2015)

Unlicensed Maori drivers caught behind the wheel in South Auckland are getting the chance to avoid a $400 fine. Documents leaked to ONE News spelled out that all Maori drivers caught without a licence or in breach of their conditions are to be referred for training and not given a ticket.

We then refer them to the panel and the panel looks at a whole range of issues that’s caused that person to drive without a licence or why that person hasn’t had a licence, and then provides some support, says Superintendent Wally Haumaha of Police National HQ.


Counties Manukau Police Deny Guideline Is Race Based (17 June 2015)

Suggestions that part-Maori are getting preferential treatment when caught driving unlicensed are misleading, commissioner of police Mike Bush has said. However he acknowledged the guidelines document advising Counties Manukau police on how to deal with any part-Maori caught driving without a license could have been worded better.

As the slow-motion train wreck continued and the potato got too hot, some oblique, double-talking Ministerial intervention:

Race-Based Police Policy To Be Changed (17 June 2015)

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has given Police Minister Michael Woodhouse an assurance that there was no intention by Counties-Manukau police to run a raced-based policy of not ticketing unlicensed part-Maori drivers after the Minister had expressed concern to Mr Bush following a TVNZ news item. I received an assurance from him that that was not the intent of the policy and the policy will be amended to make that clear.

Police Minister Pulls Plug On One Racist Policy. Now What About The Rest of The Racist Policies? (18 June 2015)

The minister said police were able to exercise discretion over transport offences.

But I do not condone any policy that has the effect or the appearance of, treating one race differently from another.

Appearances?  Yeah, right!

Some police have been running a system called conditional pre-charge warnings. It applies to part-Maori who are arrested for an offence punishable by less than 2 years jail. That includes theft, assault, wilful damage, etc. It is not limited to first time offenders, including any hard core, repeat offenders. So what happens?

They are referred to a local Iwi or trust where they are dealt with in some way out of the reach of the crime statisticians. Of course, all this is paid for by the taxpayer and the miscreants never enter the court system. That helps give the false impression that the part-Maori crime rate is falling.
– excerpted from WhaleOil Blog by Cameron Slater

9 thoughts on “1Law4All (Or Only the majority?)

  1. We are off to hell in a handcart. Racism at its finest level, like the Police recruitment Quota system where you are given preference by being part Maori or being a woman. Not whether you would be good in the job. This is why the standard of policing has dropped dramatically and would also account for the general public’s lack of respect for the NZ police.
    They are a bunch of wallies !!

    1. Yep, had a friend whose son failed by a few points, some of his Maori friends got in even though their results were lower than his. They went through as the Maori quota had not been filled. Not racist? Yeah right!

  2. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this item on TV1 News. A clear case of racist policing…anti anyone who is non-Maori! The police advice note was shown on screen, clearly stating that it applied to “Maori drivers” – yet the police spokesman being interviewed denied it was a ‘race issue’ and then (and this was the bit that really got me) went on to say that he considered that any suggestion that it WAS a race issue was ‘mischievous’ !! All of us at 1Law4All know what that means – he was calling the interviewer a racist for having the audacity to ask him to explain this disgraceful document! In my naivety I assumed that there would be a huge fuss in the media about it the next day – but I couldn’t find a single word on the subject in the next day’s Dominion Post. Why not?

  3. Not a racist policy my arz, why is it that the media will not touch anything Maori? I noticed the other day when the young girl wrote an essay on what she thought of her teachers and the education system, she said she couldn’t understand why the students have to go through the TOW indoctrination every year, but not a word of that was reported for fear of upsetting Maori. We are being shafted by the likes of Whinlayson and Key giving in to every whim and bogus claim that Maori can dream up, for what I have no idea, but it’s taking us down a path we will very soon not be able to back track on. It is time the truth of our history is told, not the Maori revisionist version which is being forced down our young peoples and immigrants throats. Welcome to New Zimbabwe.

    1. You are absolutely right Stevo. It’s time the TOW was put where it belongs and that is in our history. However, I should have said the correct TOW, not the reinvented one. The Maori one is the correct one and if anyone wants to know what the final English draft said before it was translated into the Maori language, they only have to read the so-called Littlewood Treaty. It totally mirrors the Maori one.

  4. It’s totally unbelievable that they can actually state their own propaganda is not such, and say it is not racist, then implying the one questioning their policy is the racist. It actually defies belief. There is no common sense here and one wonders at the intelligence of the Police if they continue to carry out this ‘special treatment based on race’. Why are the public not jumping up and down? It’s almost as if most of us have been ‘brainwashed’ into thinking this is okay. It is NOT okay!!

  5. The worst kind of racism in NZ is this kind of government racism. Official racism – always favouring part-maoris and Pacific islanders. Taxpayer-funded racism!

  6. Totally correct Barry. I have challenged our local MP Alastair Scott about this. He acknowledges my email but never answers the question. Typical spineless MP.

  7. The Police Commisioner may have backtracked when it got too hot but the rank and file police are left in no doubt as to what is required of them regardless

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