Next Stop: New Zealand! (with or without a flag)

Maori King claim to Auckland opens door for northern giant

King Tuheitia has launched a claim for Auckland extending north to Mahurangi, down the Firth of Thames and across to the Manukau Harbour and to Piha.

He told more than 500 people gathered at Turangawaewae Marae in Ngaruawahia, including Prime Minister John Key, he was determined to see the claim through. He said the tribe had moved into a “new era” of rights and claims.

If you thought Auckland’s purple dot disease was bad enough, how about just one big dot to cover it all?

New era obviously moves the greedy and grasping on from the


I Want It


I Want It ALL!


Wake up, New Zealand. You are sleep-walking your way to South African-style apartheid.

You don’t have to be mad to live here, but it surely helps.

22 thoughts on “Next Stop: New Zealand! (with or without a flag)

  1. When are these greedy people going to admit they are not the original people of this country
    which can be well proven and stop sucking on the taxpayer of this country and continuing Apartheid in this country

  2. On the surface, we might look at this and scoff but we’ve only arrived at this position because successive politicians have bent over backwards to give the Maoris whatever they like for fear of being called racists!

    We have to stop this absolute nonsense now!

  3. Fair enough, but making a claim is a long way from having it granted. I disagree with Paul Moon when he says the Crown might have breached the treaty when they settled a claim with Ngati Whatua in 2012; how could settling a claim breach the treaty? Or how could the Crown alone breach the treaty, when both parties agreed to the settlement? Naughty Crown, forcing the tribe to sign a bad claim!

    The treaty claims are becoming just too ridiculous; there was no point in fighting a war, was there? Even though we won, we’re losing. Even though the Maoris lost, they were granted access to all European knowledge, skill, laws and systems, but they just sit there with their hands out (the tribal leaders) and keep working us over (using the wonderful freedoms we bestowed on them) to lift our belongings as well.

  4. This so called Maori king is only king to those in the Waikato. It is a rip off and some where for Maori from the rest of the country to go for a government paid feed when some one there dies.

    1. There is no such thing as a Maori king. Tuheitia who wrongly calls himself the Maori King is only a New Zealand citizen and is a subject of our Queen Elizabeth II and no monarch can be the subject of another. The third Maori King gave up his up his sovereignty to the New Zealand Government so we have only one sovereignty. The land that has been claimed was originally occupied by a fair skinned people. If this claim goes through, they will either payout on an other false treaty claim or hand the land to these people called Tainui and you will find Aucklanders will end up paying rent on the land they though they owned. This is all part of handing the country over to iwi’s and fits in with getting rid of the flag as we will no longer be a sovereign nation under the present Queen but under maori Sovereignty.


  5. Time to put together the militant arm of 1 Law 4All

    March to parliament and do an Oliver Cromwell.

    I am taking names now.


    1. Let me know time and date, can I give you my email?
      Moderator Note: Please do not supply email addresses, here. They can be harvested by ‘undesirables.’

  6. We will never get politicians with any backbone – nature of the beast. Time to take more positive action. Talking about it is not working.

    1. Yes, but how do you get people to take positive action? In my view we need strong leaders to get the ball rolling and then hopefully many would follow. I consider myself a follower but wouldn’t hesitate to follow a leader if only such a person/people could be found.

  7. Will it ever end? I really despair and blame not only weak appeasing politicians but also the many Sheeple who just roll over and let it happen. We need massive protests in the streets and I just can’t understand why the people aren’t out there protesting. The whole grievance industry is a gigantic fraudulent rort and bears no relationship to the real Treaty. As for even having a Maori King?!! Words fail me. What a disgrace.

      1. Ah but he is a part-maori “king” with terrible parenting skills too. Greedy, grasping and completely taking the mickey!

  8. Funny stuff. Like others have said Maori are NOT indigenous and should have no more rights than an Asian who just got NZ citizenship.

  9. Before the Europeans came to NZ no one lived permanently in the greater Auckland area because it was fought over by lots of different tribes and if you stayed too long you were likely to be attacked. It wasn’t until the signing of the treaty that people felt safe enough to stay there longer as they were now protected by British Law

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