Keep the Flag Flying

Keep The Flag Flying

The current assault on the New Zealand flag by the chattering classes – the political and media elite – should not be seen in isolation. NZ’s would-be dictators know how important it is to strip citizens of their traditions and symbols so as to make them rootless, confused and unsure of their national and personal identity. That way they’re are easier to manipulate and control.

Kiwis have already had their traditional weights and measures and currency taken away by compulsory metrification. Then they lost the age-old and valuable right of appeal to the Privy Council, a court with far more talent and integrity than what replaced it. Next came the undermining of the most important institutions of all – marriage and child-rearing.

Now the same shadowy group that was the driving force behind those other attacks on NZ’s time-honoured traditions want to dispossess the nation of its flag as well. In particular, the Union Jack in the upper left quarter, which has been part of the New Zealand story ever since 1769. Then, Captain Cook landed at Gisborne on 7th October and a party of armed marines bearing the Union Jack carried it to a little bank about fifty yards from the water-side.

The Union Jack was also laid across Hobson’s table at Waitangi when the chiefs signed the Treaty and has ever been on the New Zealand flag under which our servicemen fought and died in the terrible wars of the twentieth century.


Now, a passing jack-in-the-office, Shonkey, with more vanity than patriotism, is manipulating a couple of referenda in order to strip the New Zealand people of part of our heritage. Just as he set Kiwis up to lose their beaches via the Marine and Coastal Area Act, he is also about to strip them of their rights to fresh water as he distracts and manipulates voters with his sleight-of-hand flag fiddling and political posturing. Just reflect a moment on the process of the referendum.

NZrs did not get first asked if they wanted a change of flag. No. Had that occurred and the answer was a no, there would be no need for an expensive and time-consuming process of producing alternative options to consider.

That would be a straight-forward and common sense methodology. Why then do we have the present cart-before-the-horse process? Is it possible that – if the first referendum results significantly favours one design – Emperor Shonkey will then dispense with the second referendum and declare NZ has a new flag?

Given the duplicity of Shonkey’s – trust me, I know what I’m doing – response to the referendum on the “smacking law,” cancelling the second referendum is quite on the cards. Another possible pretext will be saving taxpayers’ money.

Under the present process, the second referendum in March, 2016, will be the opportunity for individual New Zealanders to say just what they think of this latest act of manipulation by Shonkey and his government of fawning, copy-cat sycophants.

Author John McLean has written a short book, “Keep the Flag Flying; the History and Meaning of the New Zealand Flag.” Available direct from the publisher: $20 (including postage). Click here for Internet purchasing details. Also available at bookshops.

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