It’s All A Big Con Job
So Is There Any Hope?

It matters not where one looks. Or which media one looks at. At every turn, the propaganda, lies and deception proliferate. Rick Barker lost the Tukituki electorate seat for Labour in the 2005 General Election. He now has a cosy sinecure as a HB Regional Councillor and Crown Treaty Negotiator. Despite supposedly being an advocate for – and on the side of – the Crown – that’s  you and me – the taxpayers, he is really a blind, brainwashed and blinkered pawn for racially-biased part-Maori.

In a 2016 edition of Hawke’s Bay’s Bay Buzz he comments: “Signed on 6 February 1840 by the Queens representative Lieutenant Governor William Hobson and the Maori Chiefs, the Treaty was intended to bring peace to the country and promised to Maori, referring to the English version, exclusive and undisturbed possession of lands forests, fisheries and other properties.” [estates]

There is no such thing!

No English Treaty version was presented or signed at Waitangi on 6 February 1840, as Barker duplicitously and treacherously asserts. In that respect, Rick Barker deceives solely the terminally gullible, including himself. Only the actual Treaty of Waitangi, written in the Maori language idiom of that era, was signed, that day. Aside from the final draft (Littlewood), referring to and describing English pseudo-versions are flights of fantasy by crackpot historians, mendacious part-Maori and brainwashed national and local politicians of all parties.

Read the first sentence of Article Two of the Treaty of Waitangi, for yourself, here:

Ko te tuarua (In Maori)
Ko te Kuini o Ingarani ka wakarite ka wakaae ki nga Rangitira ki nga hapu – ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani te tino rangatiratanga o o ratou wenua o ratou kainga me o ratou taonga katoa.

Article second (English final draft)
The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and the tribes and to all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property.

Now, a literal translation attempt from certain words of Article 2 of the Treaty of Waitangi:
ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani te tino rangatiratanga o o ratou wenua o ratou
kainga  me  o  ratou  taonga  katoa.

Nowhere, but nowhere at all, are found the words: forests (wao) or fisheries (taunga) or estates (heretitamete).

Also, notice the Maori language expression Nu Tirani, in the Treaty. No sign of Aotearoa, except in the befuddled minds of modern mischief makers and pseudo-historians. The tribes are described in the Treaty of Waitangi as tangata Maori – not tangata whenua nor Mana whenua. Those expressions are latter-day wishful thinking pretensions. Another give-away of the fraud of the alleged ‘English’ (and other bogus) versions is seen by examining the Treaty text at the very beginning of the Maori-language Treaty preamble.

The Treaty of Waitangi starts:


Bogus English versions begin:

Her Majesty Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The false versions difference is glaringly obvious, except to those who are so blind as to not see, plus those who see dollar signs in those misrepresentations.

Despite the meanings of the plain words being unambiguous, (so called) fraudulent Treaty Settlements continue as a huge direct cost to the NZ taxpayer, because of the mendacity of that racially-biased Kangaroo Kourt called the Waitangi Tribunal and gullible, appeasing and self-interested politicians.

8 thoughts on “It’s All A Big Con Job So Is There Any Hope

  1. It beggars belief how these so called intelligent politicians can be so blinded by the maori myth they can’t see the wood for the trees, what is it that makes them believe maori are special or have more rights to exist than any other race on earth. Why is it that they think maori deserve breakfast in bed and a chauffeur driven limousine to take them to the dole office and the pub? This racist garbage has gone on far too long and there is no sign it will stop any time soon, dump the racist waitangi tribunal, get rid of racist maori seats in parliament, tell the United Nations that maori are not indigenous, not special or deserving of special treatment, stop feeding our impressionable young a pack of lies about NZs history and maybe, just maybe, if we work hard we can once again become a proud united country with some of the best living conditions on the planet! But maori want it all handed to them on a plate.

  2. What load of crap from this thick ex MP this is a person that was in government and running our country our government now are full of people like Rick Barker all they are interested is getting a big pay cheque and hanging on to their seats until they retire Why can’t the people wake up to this bull crap that is put out. I say to the people get out and have a read of the treaty.


  3. There needs to be a better way of making our views noticed by holding a march or something similar just like they (maoris) did & do every time they don’t like what is going on. It would be a great way to let the government know that we have had enough & we could get a petition going to get a public enquiry going into how the purpose & intent of the treaty has been distorted beyond belief & why it has been incorrectly named as our founding document. Other countries must look at us & laugh at how pathetic we all are to allow it to happen, just the same as we have all been hoodwinked ( by all the clever experts ) into thinking that saturated fat was bad for us when all along it was sugar & carbs in general that are to blame for our obesity & diabetic epidemics.

  4. I think all of the so-called “Treaty settlements” were shams. All of the assets gifted by these frauds should be taken back along with all increases in their original amounts by way of income received and capital growth. No more so-called “Treaty claims” (all have been based on lies) should be accepted and no more “settlements” should be paid. All people, including the politicians and government employees, who were involved in making and accepting “claims” and “settlements” should be tracked down and charged with treason.

  5. It should also be noted that the idea of Britain having authority over New Zealand, came from Maori, not from the British, who had recently taken over the second largest island on the globe – Australia. What use was New Zealand to Britain?

    Maori representatives (mainly Ngapuhi) had travelled to Britain to request George IV, William IV and Victoria to take charge in order to prevent widespread inter-tribal massacres that were looming due to the rapidly increasing musketry amongst Maori.

    Imagine the awe in which Maori experienced London in the early nineteenth centuary after leaving their mud and sticks whares back home.

  6. If the newspapers had the guts to print our true history it would blow all treaty claims out of the window then we could claim all the money back and put it to better use. it would prove that the land never belonged to Maori in the first place.

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