Masterton gets Race-Based Council Appointees

Masterton Gets Race-Based Council Appointees

4 May 4 2016

A Wairarapa council has approved the appointment of unelected iwi representatives, with voting rights, to its standing committees. Masterton District Council voted on Wednesday to appoint representatives from Wairarapa’s two iwi, Kahungunu ki Wairarapa and Rangitane o Wairarapa, each with speaking and voting rights, to its policy and finance, and audit and risk, committees.

They also have speaking rights at full council meetings, which ratify the recommendations from the two standing committees. P J Devonshire, general manager of Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, says giving Maori more of a voice on Masterton District Council will benefit all of Wairarapa’s population.

It was hailed as a “courageous call” by Devonshire, who said it showed the country was growing up. “It’s quite a big step . . . To me it shows the maturing of our nation.” He said while some people might label the appointments a case of Maori “special privilege,” that was an increasingly extreme and marginalised view.

Stuff story here.

Just who’s the extremist and marginalist, here?

More apartheid by stealth. Worse still, agreed to – promoted even – by elected councillors. Remember that, later in 2016, when the Council elections are due. Don’t vote for pro-racist candidates of any ethnicity. Give them the stick!

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