Who To Vote For

Deciding on Who To Vote For

Those Regional, local Councils & Hospital Boards postal voting papers will arrive in your letter box soon – if they’re not already there. There should also be a candidate profiles booklet. A close examination of that booklet might help you sort the democrats from the racists, as you ponder who to vote for.

To delve deeper, you may well need to make some form of direct contact with the candidates, which includes new aspirants, as well as those seeking re-election. So what are you going to ask candidates to determine if they support one law for all, or a different law for part-Maori?

Some suggested questions:

First thing to keep in mind is: KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

Make your questions direct, unambiguous and such that a yes or no answer is applicable. And do press for a Yes / No. Don’t accept vague or conditional answers. Make it clear that a NO answer to the question about whether they totally support the concept of a one law for all democracy will result in you crossing that person off your list of who to vote for.

How does this sound?

I understand that you are a candidate for xxxxxxxxxxx Council. I believe in equality of citizenship and seek an answer from you, to the following questions:

1. Do you support the proposition that there should be one or more special Maori ward rolls on the Council, in which only those with some part-Maori ancestry can vote? Yes or No

2. Do you believe that any ethnic group or groups should – solely by virtue of being a particular ethnic group – be allowed to sit on any committee of the Council, with or without voting rights? Yes or No

3. Do you believe that when the Council has any “consultation with part-Maori / iwi” that the ratepayers should pay for the consultation meeting attendance expenses of such part-Maori / iwi representatives? Yes or No

Remember that questions about democracy are disturbing for some.

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