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Those Brochures!

Posted by 1Law4All on March - 12 - 2017 with 5 Comments

Those Brochures.

Here they are! For all to see and read!

Spot the deplorable, despicable, bigoted, racist, anti-treaty bits – if you can!

If anyone can point out any parts of those brochures which contain “disgraceful, despicable, racist bigotry or nasty, racist drivel,” then 1Law4All will give Peter Dunne a one year’s free 1Law4All Party membership.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Atrout says:

    Asher’s book is good evidence of China’s policy toward Pacific nations. We are not singled out at all, just part of their regional initiative.

  2. Ian says:

    It’s good to see the full brochures on the web site. It shows what an idiot Peter Dunne is and he is a member of parliament. If the other MPs are like him, then the country is in big trouble.

  3. Alastair says:

    Peter dumb is an expert at misinterpreting reality. The idgit is unaware that failing to register is a totally different thing from being de-registered. The PC whipped fool is probably one of the knee trembling pack that thinks all white people are racist.

  4. Rayward Chung says:

    Great to see these brochures! It just proved what a bigoted twit Peter Dunne really is! I will write a letter to the DomPost highlighting this!

  5. Nick Klaus says:

    Well done, 1Law4All. It is time these truths gets spread around New Zealand and act upon by us New Zealanders who have Democracy and Equality at heart.

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