Iwi Enablement Bill

The National Government’s Iwi Enablement Bill

aka the Resource Management Act Amendment Bill

Passed into law by Parliament on 6 April, 2017

Most everywhere you look, only appalled references to that slow motion train wreck disaster Bill can be found. No one except the National Party, the Maori Party and their collective sycophants ever said anything even vaguely complimentary about the Bill.

The only good thing about it will be the end of the racist National government, come September. But even that is fraught as Labour and the Greens are every bit as – if not more so – racist as National.

As for the NZ First party, Winston will always say the things which he thinks will garner votes, but there will rarely be any implementation. Just think back to 1996 and the baubles and trinkets of power which he so loudly decried. Then, when they were offered to him, along with the title of ‘Treasurer,’ he lunged with both arms outstretched.

But, back to the RMA Iwi Enablement Bill. There was so much political smog, smoke & mirrors and distracting detail that the critical point was effectively obscured. That was that the already existing racist provisions in the Resource Management Act were being strengthened and added to.

1Law4All’s position is unambiguously clear. Only councillors elected by all ratepayers on the roll should be making decisions which affect those ratepayers.

From slippery smithy came this:

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will get better outcomes. The new arrangements will clarify which iwi need to be consulted, and on what issues. Some councils already have these arrangements and they are proving to work well. By agreement, large numbers of consents are not referred to iwi, as they are not related to issues in which iwi have an interest.

Whether the old arrangements were bad or the new ones are better does not matter, in the slightest. In any Council, there is no place for any political or decision-making arrangements which favour, include or involve any particular racial group not elected to that Council by all ratepayers.

Period. Finito. End of story.

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