An Ignorant Councillor

On 26th April, 2017, at a relatively unimportant meeting of the district planning committee of the Hutt City Council, the chair of this committee, Lisa Bridson, took it upon herself to impose karakia (Maori prayers) on the other councillors at both the beginning and the end of the meeting.

She claimed that she had done so because “the council had an obligation to adhere to Treaty of Waitangi principles and work in partnership with Maori.” Thus did she expose her lack of knowledge of these things since the Treaty of Waitangi does not have any principles and nor does it create an obligation for councils in the 21st century to work in “partnership” with Maori.

Should she ever actually read the words of the Treaty (a short and simple document) she will find no mention of either “principles” or “partnership” for the very good reason that there aren’t any.

Lisa Bridson is not the only New Zealander to be ignorant of these things, but for her to use her position on council to impose her ignorance on others is alarming and constitutes a very good reason not to vote for her at the next council elections. Surely the Hutt can come up with better and more knowledgeable councillors than her.

11 thoughts on “An Ignorant Councillor

  1. How utterly insensitive of her! This is a form of standover bullying that should not be tolerated. A chair of any committee should avoid imposing a cultural or religious rite in local or central government but, unfortunately, it is becoming more widespread dispite the obvious disregard for good procedure and respect. Shame.

  2. It shows how ignorant people like Lisa Bridson who probably has never read the treaty to come out and say that she has obligations to the principles and partnership the whole nation is now being held to ransom by these principles and partnership and other fraudulent attempts at the reconstructing of the translation of our treaty and the history surrounding it. It’s a fact: the principles and partnership will not stand up to scrutiny if the full official treaty texts are published in their entirety.

  3. This is what 40 years of propaganda through our education system can do for you…convince you that the words that you read in the TOW have some other/extra meaning to them. It’s also what ignorance of democracy does -when you don’t understand from the history just how our democracy has evolved and what it means.

  4. You’ve got to wonder why none of her fellow Councillors ‘educated’ her as to the truth of the ‘Treaty’ and let her get away with it … we’ve got to speak against this sort of bullying racism.

  5. Thats the problem today !! Freedom of speech has been nullified to the point if you criticize any thing Maori you are brown bashing. Works two ways. You have to have your say ! PERIOD. as My grandparents, Parents and myself all fought in Wars for freedom so we can all have freedom of speech. Maori radicals need to get over themselves.

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