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Doug Graham: Who has got to him?

By Alan Duff

Published in the Rotorua Review 17 June 2017

There is no sense of remorse, or evidence of a conscience, or awareness of the extent of his public humiliation that will make Tuku Morgan apologise.

So this columnist is not going to waste more breath on him or his foolish political friends, who seem intent on going down with his ship already with just its prow out of the water.

If they sink with him, they’ll know who to blame for their lack of judgement and political cowardice.

Talking of judgement, ex-Justice Minister Doug Graham’s statements that we must all come to terms with there being one law for Maori and another for the rest of New Zealand is about as dunderheaded and “got at” as you can get. Brown men in suits down there in the capital must have got at him. Sly old brown foxes must have turned the hunt on him and made him the pursued.

He’s taken European legal principle and thrown it into the pot cooked up by cunning, self-serving jokers with the gall, the fee-charging effrontery, to call themselves Maori, representing, no-one bothers to check, themselves – a small group of them.

Doug Graham wont go down in history as the man who did so much to settle the long-standing Maori land grievances, not with statements like this. Instead, he’ll be remembered as the white man who sold out his fellow New Zealanders, part-Maori and non-Maori, to a bunch of brown gangsters and their pale brown thugs.

*(He’ll have lots of company in that club – John Key, Nick Smith, Bill English, Chris Finlayson and many others)


There cannot be one law for Maori and another for the rest. It is undemocratic, divisive in the extreme. And anyway, it’s so stupid when you try to think of its application you would be right to question the intelligence of its advocates like Graham.

What happens to mixed blood marriages and their offspring? What are the children in the eyes of the law – Maori, European, half of each, what? Is my European wife under a separate law from myself?

Are our children, being quarter Maori, about the same percentage as Sir Tipene O’Regan, one or the other? Which part of their anatomy holds the trout-licence exemption? The eyes that spot the fish and think of which fly to tie? Or the hands and arms that cast the rod? Do their European first cousins fish along side them under threat of the law if they don’t have a fishing licence?

Can the law be broken by their mother but not me for the exact same recreational activity and catching fish which are not traditional but introduced? Is Doug Graham the ass the law can sometimes be?

What about our sports teams, say a rugby team? Same citizenry rights, to vote, to go to war, civil freedoms, but under separate law for certain things? Did Doug Graham see none of this when he opened his mouth? Can he really be that blind, that monumentally stupid, not to mention gutless for not standing up to these gangsters, that he fails to see the ramifications for his country? Has he got some sort of an agenda?


Most of us are tired of screaming about lazy Maoris wanting money for nothing. Most of us are appalled at seeing Maoris attempt to carve up a state funded Maori television station among themselves while telling us they’re out for our interests.

Education trusts spend the money on paying burgeoning bureaucracy higher and higher salaries and perks, leaving nothing for the education. Tribal trusts blow their iwi’s funds. We’re still arguing four years later over the quarter billion dollar fisheries handout.

But the consultants and lawyers are still being paid. Public funding has become the Maori equivalent to robbery without arms. Hands are all that are needed. Fast ones. Working hard and having a work ethic, is considered dumb.

The best thieves get the most honour. They pin medals on their chests. The rest of Maoridom gets the pie in the sky promises whilst these jokers eat up large here on earth. The message goes out to Maoris that it’s a good thing not to earn money by the sweat of your own brow, just fill out the application form. And kick up brown hell if you get questioned too hard, let along turned down.


Every state dollar meant to be thrown at Maori “problems” becomes only a “problem” for the accountants of the brown mafia as to where to channel the dosh. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars meant to help “cure” Maori social woes and all they’ve done is get worse. Any wonder when the money’s not reaching anywhere near the problem.

Maoris now shamelessly kick up when they’re not consulted on every tiny civil matter. They kick up when they lose a legal argument, whine when public funding comes with a demand for accountability. They whine even when it doesn’t because it’s never enough. Neglectful Maori parents – of which the country’s overwhelming majority are Maori – never get it that you have to tell children their existence is wonderful.

They never get it that you have to make sacrifices for your children to advance beyond what you got given. They’ll continue to not get the picture on anything so long as they’ve got politicians like Doug Graham telling them they live under separate laws and rules.

This column is contributed and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Rotorua Review.

*Comment in green added by 1Law4All.

17 thoughts on “Doug Graham: Who has got to him?

  1. I don’t always agree with Alan Duff but he is right on the money here. No idea what the Rotorua Review is but I am certain that the main Rotorua paper would never, ever publish anything like this. Recently in Taupo I read an account of local iwi Tuwhareota getting their settlement. No mention that they didn’t sign the Treaty although it was obvious that the writer knew that. No mention that they had never had had any land confiscated, just an account of a grovelling apology from Findlayson. While we have media who won’t publish Duff but readily publish Chris Trotter the public will remain in the dark and division will continue to eat away at our society. When I raised the subject with my 46 year old son I found his attitude to be that it would have to get much worse before there would be a correction and it likely would be violent. Very depressing.

  2. Hallelujah! Alan, the shame you are feeling for what your Maori elite brothers are up to is overshadowed by the shame I feel for what our gutless politicians are allowing to happen. And the greatest regret is that Doug Graham, Geoffrey Palmer, Key, Finlayson, Smith and co will never be held accountable for leading us into this racially disastrous storm.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Governor General was an Iwi pick and they used puppet PM Key to put her in power.

  4. Well said, Alan Duff. You are right on the knocker with your comments. It’s a pity more New Zealanders wouldn’t say the same thing out loud. I know many agree privately but they don’t have the gumption to say what is absolutely true.

  5. Alan Duff is a hero of the people..all kiwis. All comments above I totally concur with. Now we have English who is just as bad. But what’s the alternative…stupid Labour offering more money to beneficiaries who continue to have children but what happens when they reach 3years, it’s hard to take away what’s given, so just have more babies…coupled with the Greens… Go figure people. I cannot believe we are being so being so stupid…it took USA/SA a near war to get rid of apartheid…we are certainly going down that path. It surely is depressing for the children of this country.

    1. It does seem like it was a while ago, which does make me wonder why it was just published, or perhaps re-published, in the Rotorua Review so recently. But be that as it may, the desire of part-Maori for separate laws have not changed, and the arguments against are just as relevant today as they’ve always been.

  6. Congratulations, That article from Duff is like a breath of fresh air in a sewer. Now all he has to do is convince all of those gutless politicians and plastic Maoris that the truth ALWAYS hurts.

  7. BRILLIANT. All fair minded Kiwis must unite on this basic principle. Pandering to anyone or any group in society is a well documented folly. Our united voice must demand it ceases forthwith.

  8. Well said Mr Duff. The sad reality of it is these moronic separatists are surely taking us to a point in our country’s future when there will a sad violent conclusion. 15% and getting less each year will not prevail. Sad but it is coming.

  9. Great article. I know that there is so many people in this country have had a gutsful of this separatist nonsense that any party that says it is going to address this problem will win the elections.

  10. Alan DUFF, WOW, what a truly sincere, genuine, and balanced New Zealander with a huge ton of guts. He is a huge example of goodness and fairness to his family and to ALL of us. Most uplifting – thank you Alan DUFF.

  11. Prior to Potatau becoming the first Maori king in his dotage, he was Te Wherowhero, a war chief of the Waikato. When Doug Graham was Minister of Treaty Settlement, he described Te Wherowhero as a ‘man of peace’. D.G. is evil or stupid – one or the other, or both.

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