Councillors Rampant Racism

Councillors Rampant Racism

What do the Whakatane and Manawatu District Councils and the Palmerston North City Council have in common?

Rampant racist tendencies amongst their councillors, voting for special part-Maori representation wards.

If you are a Ratepayer of these racist councils, you will need to get involved in obtaining the 5% of Ratepayers signatures necessary to force a poll on the matter.

And, unlike the dim-bulb, pro-racist councillors, we all know there’s a 98+% chance that racist representation will be voted down by democracy-favouring Ratepayers.

Which leads inevitably to the question that might be asked: why do Council not poll Ratepayers first, before-their perverse in-council racist votes?

What have they got to fear?

Or are there kick-backs involved?

This infectious disease is spreading. The only known antidote is a good dose of democracy!

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council is the latest to have succumbed to this racist canker.

Accompanied by the usual clap-trap about it being “bold” and “brave decision” for the Council to trample willy-nilly over democratic principles, the vote was 9-3, with Crs Murray-Benge, Marsh and Lally voting against the idea.

So that’s four areas where Ratepayers must get into action to save democracy from the grubby hands of racist-inclined councillors.

See report here.

In 2015, the Tauranga Council voted against racist representation. A clutch of sabre-rattling part-Maori huffed and puffed about getting the 5% of Ratepayers signatures necessary to force a poll on that decision. But it was all talk and no do. I.e. the local part-Maori could not mount the effort required to get the numbers for racist representation that we are told that all part-Maori want. Speaks volumes, that.

Based on details in the HB Today newspaper, there was a long debate, as HB Regional Councillors split with four in support of establishing the [race-based part-Maori] constituencies, and five supporting this only if a poll was held in conjunction with the next general election.

Council deputy and meeting chair Rick Barker urged his fellow councillors to exercise leadership, arguing the existing system was not working, as the council had only had one Maori councillor, or “voice”.

“I think it’s time for us to stand for those people who haven’t had a voice, for those who have never been at this council table to exercise a vote.”

(Rick Barker has collected around $50,000 of taxpayers money as a Treaty Settlements Negotiator and is amongst the poorest attendees at HBRC Council meetings, so we know what he stands for.)

Those who supported a poll expressed concern about a lack of public consultation, including with the wider Hawke’s Bay Maori population – with about 60 people attending the hui compared to the 28,000 on the Maori roll.

Although councillor Fenton Wilson said Maori representation was “well overdue”, he argued for a poll based on his experience with the Wairoa District Council’s recent decision to establish Maori wards – the only area in Hawke’s Bay to do so.

To see the 1Law4All main page item for more details on this new wave of anti-democracy sweeping through Councils, click here.

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