Sir William Gallagher & the PC Media Storm

After a speech made by Sir William to business leaders at Waikato Stadium on Friday night, 24 Nov., the usual distorted reporting started.

Fortunately, Sir William, a champion of democracy, is not easily cowed by the foaming-at-the-mouth attacks of the politically-correct brigade and its sycophantic hordes of taxpayer-defrauding hangers-on.

About that Media Distortion, using the media’s own reported statements.

1) Waikato business leader Sir William Gallagher is under fire after claiming the Treaty of Waitangi is a farce.

Note the words: “claiming the Treaty of Waitangi is a farce.

Two sentences down, Sir William is reported thus:

2) The Treaty papers on display at Te Papa were fraudulent documents and the concept of the Treaty itself was a rort, he said

Note Sir William’s reference to Treaty papers on display. That’s not the same as a reference to the Treaty that signed at Waitangi in 1840.

Then note Sir William’s reference to the concept of the Treaty being a rort. That’s not the same as the Treaty itself being fraudulent or a rort.

Then a quote from an audience member:

3) “He was basically referring to a big Treaty cover-up.”

As all 1Law4All members are aware, there is a huge difference between the Treaty signed at Waitangi and the assortment of signature sheets that were subsequently used around New Zealand, to gain assent from tribes not represented at Waitangi on 6 February 1840.

And that’s without getting into any discussion of the official government cover-up of the final in-English draft (the Littlewood document) that clarifies in absolute terms what was meant and intended in the Waitangi Treaty wording.

1Law4All salutes Sir William Gallagher for being a true knight, in defence of the Crown and democracy.

28 Nov 2017

Read and weep. Fresh from the pseudo-indignant, brain-washed, foaming-at-the-mouth PC brigade . . .

Sir William Gallagher’s ‘outdated, privileged and sad’ view of history.

Just to pick on one item that shows how biased everyone in the PC brigade is, here:

Professional director and chairwoman of the Federation of Maori Authorities Traci Houpapa was in attendance and said, “we’ve had people like Sir William voicing their viewpoints and having very strong comments around te reo, around Maori and the Treaty – all of which are largely baseless and ill-informed or factually incorrect.

Given the perfect opportunity to correct the record, Traci Houpapa failed to provide one single solitary shred of evidence that would show that Sir William’s information and comments were factually incorrect!

Of course, the biased and witless media likely never bothered to ask for an example, either.

Just bald, unsupported and unsubstantiated assertion, reported as if it was a fact.  Just what’s to be expected from the PC brigade and its media lackies, really.

In that media item is another gem.

Also on Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was asked for her response to his comments. Her succinct reply: “He’s wrong.”

Just like the others, a bald assertion with no substance. But Taxcindarella is the PM and she ought to know, eh? Yeah, right.

Because, if Sir William’s claims were easy to refute, then the pro-racist treaty-gravy-trainers would stump up the evidence, quick smart. Why don’t they? Nuff said?

Be interesting to know if Taxcindarella consulted with deputy PM Winston, before that shoot-from-the-lip response. After all, Winston’s on record as saying much the same things as Sir William. Tut, tut.

Successive governments have painted themselves into a corner on Treaty-of-Waitangi matters. Or been masterfully manoeuvred and painted into that corner by cunning racists.

And now firmly ensconced in that corner, they can never admit their stupidity, gullibility and errors.

New Zealand would not have enough eggs to go round.

29 thoughts on “Sir William Gallagher & the PC Media Storm

  1. The only thing media are sincere about is their insincerity. Just a bunch of trendy lefty tragic clowns who the gullible public follow blindly in this land of the long black cloud.

  2. The only “Sir” who deserves it! The only other ones I can think of are total traitors to NZ. An extremely generous person as well who has never made a big deal about it but just done so quietly in the background. Well done Sir William Gallagher, I too salute you and hope you will refuse being bullied into any apology.

  3. I sent him a person message c/- Gallgaher Industries to support him and thank him for voicing his opinion of which the majority of NZers agree but are too apathetic to voice (and of course afraid of instantly being labelled a racist when in fact the opposite is the case ).

  4. Arise Sir William!! Lots of vitriol in response but no facts to refute his statements as expected. Unfortunately, it will take a lot more Sir Williams to make a dent in the situation that has crept up on this country.

  5. Well said Sir William, Never a truer word spoken. The lefty Liberal brigade and their Whanau will be all scrambling to shore up their untruths. Will we ever see light at the End of The Long Black Cloud ??

  6. Talking about it aint gonna cut it. What about getting together a petition to force a referendum into whether or not there should be an independent inquiry into how the treaty has absolutely been turned into one the worst farces in modern history. Anyone wanting to really do something could contact me via this website so that we could form some sort of plan as to how to go about it.

    1. Are there enough of us in NZ to make it worthwhile? I hope so.

      It is claimed that a figure of something like 85% of us are against all these rorts but where is the 85% when it counts? I am happy to put a bit of money into any such action. Is there a million more of us ready to stand up on our hind legs and say EBLOODYNUFF!

  7. Thank you Sir William for your forthright speech. A challenge to anybody who does not agree with this: Explain to to me where in the the Treaty of Waitangi the Principles are. They do not exist, yet we are having a constitution based on it. What a farce!

  8. Well done, Sir William. If only more people of note would step up to the plate and add their voice to this, the world’s largest scam.

  9. If you look at the comments after the article [], the support is overwhelmingly in favour of Sir William. More than just the comments, look at the “likes and dislikes” or in this case, the thumbs-up and thumbs-down numbers.

    A majority of people are supporting Sir William by giving comments that support him a thumbs up and giving thumbs down to the whingers and snowflakes who can’t handle a bit of criticism. Those will be the people who can do this anonymously because for various reasons are unable to show their support openly.

    We all know that to support the views of people like Sir William and Don Brash, is to court derision, abuse, name-calling and any other means of intimidation the Maori sovereignty and gravy train crowd can throw at us.

    Often it means useful idiots who have treaty principle clauses written into their employment contracts will fire anyone expressing opposing views openly. Businesses will lose customer support. You’ll be branded a racist and your business an unsafe workplace and your credibility shattered. All for daring to support the truth. How dare we?

    The damage that the whole Treaty industry has caused to New Zealand and our Society cannot be over-stated.

  10. Arise Sir William – you are right in what you say. There were no race of people called maori in 1840; they exists by statute only. The word maori meant, normal, ordinary, or usual. This apartheid system was put in place by our white leaders of today. Also, there has never been anything mentioned about the people who arrived here before the people who are now called maori. People who lived in peace on this land, the land that the maori took from them. We need more people like Sir William.

  11. I would like to see Sir Gallagher’s source or references. Particularly on his word usage of “maori” and “aotearoa.”

    These should be made available for all students – to promote honest discussion. If these sources are legitimate they must be made known. The less Ad hominem the better.

  12. Well said. The TV One item on tonight’s ‘news’ was a disgusting piece of pro-Treaty propaganda from Yvonne Tahana who is expert at this sort of sneering and inaccurate ‘news’ item. The Tainui elder posing with a white sheet and KKK deliberately seeks to denigrate Sir William without ever addressing the issues. The idea that iwi leaders were enriching themselves was given a special sneer. Much was also made of the Maori farming leaders who would no longer buy Gallaghers products.

    Sir William has my admiration for his great courage in pursuit of the truth.

  13. You’ll never see fair, unbiased reporting from Yvonne Tahana. Notice the big smirk on her face when she spoke of Sir William’s comment about elite Maori getting rich from settlement money? She’s probably one of them.

  14. What is really needed is a few more influential people like Sir William to come on board. I’m sure there are many more “well known” types with the same opinion but many of them are too scared of being accused of being racist and losing a few dimwit friends in the process.

    But once the ball starts rolling and more more out and speak their mind the ball will never stop. Someone who had the down to earth stature of the late Sir Colin Meads – for example – would have been a golden gate. Alas, his time came and went.

    A few influential Maori would certainly help. Possibly moreso.

  15. The gawd damned wet and limp-wristed media are such brainwashed dopes. Exposing pseudo-Treaty fraud is not racist. The real racists – modern-day, money-grubbing, treaty-scamming, taxpayer-robbing part-Maori – always scream racism when anything is said that they don’t like. Or something is said that might derail their gravy train.

    As others have commented, you will never ever see any reasoned responses from the brown Mafioso. Because there aren’t any valid responses and they know that. Which is why they always seek to assassinate the messenger and never deal with the message.

    When are these rip-off artists going to honour the Treaty? The real one – not the fraudulent fakes which Sir William referred to.

  16. Just wondering if anyone caught the title of the book that William Gallagher recommended that the TV1 maori reporter deliberately hid from the camera. I suspect her nose has been in the trough for many years and wants to keep the trough in place as long as possible. I have just emailed TVNZ with a complaint on biased reporting on that item, and phoned Gallaghers group to praise Sir William for speaking out. Any info on that book title from anyone would be appreciated.

  17. Sir William is right. We need more like him to stand and support the truth and the public who agree to openly support him.

  18. Well done Sir William… I applaud your honesty. Do NOT back down and apologise. I read that the Institute of Directors has apologised for his speech .. is this true? Surely not!!! If so, I’d like to know why they have. What grounds?

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