Recidivist Racist Ratepayer-Alienator Rides Again

Recidivist Racist Ratepayer-Alienator Rides Again

Andrew Judd, the anti-democratic ex-Mayor of New Plymouth is now plying his racist delusions on the ratepayers of Palmerston North.

Have a listen to the snippet below, from Radio NZ.

If that doesn’t work, try clicking here.

Judd is part of the crowd that wants subvert democracy by pushing racist representation and racist koha-kosts on to ratepayers.  In atypical logical fallacy fashion, Judd attacks the messenger, rather than deal with the message that ratepayers don’t want racist voting wards. Ironically, his only defence is to call his opposition racist.

It doesn’t get more perverse than that.

Keep in mind the comment made in an earlier post about representation equality:

They say its racist or unfair that a petition has to be had to allow for a new Maori ward, whereas no petition is needed to make a new (non-Maori) ward.

“Within our right as elected members we can create a rural ward which could have a couple of seats on it but the community cannot overturn that decision. However, when it comes to the legislation it only defines Maori wards as a decision that people can petition against.”

Don’t be Fooled!

The Cr. concerned (Aleisha Rutherford) is using a logical fallacy – comparing apples with blue vein cheese.

The comparative example given is a rural ward. Any such (rural or otherwise) voting ward created by the P. Nth council would be one of universal suffrage. I.e. Anyone within that ward’s boundaries could vote.

But a ‘Maori’ ward would not be of universal suffrage, because only those of a certain race within that ward’s boundaries could vote.

I.e. It would be a racist ward, voted into existence by the racist faction within the P. Nth Council.

But you can’t expect racists to see what is so logically simple, because they are all illogical, by their very nature.

Click here to see the RadioNZ item link.

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