Minister of Ployment

Minister of Ployment?

Part-Maori unemployment still needs a lot of work despite big drop in figures, says one of New Zealand’s most rabid racists and Minister of Employment Willie Jackson.  The falling unemployment rate is tracking in the right direction but the percentage of part-Maori and youth out of work is still too high and the reality was that employment for part-Maori was still 9 per cent – double the national average.

Mr Jackson said part-Maori would benefit from government investment in families, health and housing, but he was also negotiating targeted initiatives. “There’s a dual strategy where there will be specific funding that the Minister of Finance has committed to support – I’ve been talking to him over the last couple of days,” he said.

Ahhhhh, remind me again, weren’t all those taxpayer-funded billions of dollars in dubious Treaty Settlements supposed to fix the problem of part-Maori unemployment?

Tell us Willie:

Where have all the billions gone,
long time passing . . . ?

Ploy  [noun] A tactic or manoeuvre intended to gain an advantage


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