Gisborne’s Racism Wastism

Gisborne’s Racism Wastism

Nearly three-quarters of the people who responded to the web poll question about giving Poverty Bay a dual name voted against such a move. Comments below.

Turanganui a Kiwa / Poverty Bay?

No – 72% (stick with Poverty Bay alone)

Yes – 25%

Once again, the racists in council get reprimanded by public opinion.

Will they listen? Maybe.

Will they learn? Probably not.

The question: “Do you support moving to a dual name for Gisborne’s coastal bay to Turanganui a Kiwa/Poverty Bay?”

Gisborne paper item.

Some selected comments:

  • A referendum first please councillors!
  • Unconstitutional GDC stuff-up again.
  • Astonishing that the Mayor has so blatantly side-stepped fair consultation. Unless Gisborne speaks up, it’s a done deal. He represents a group hell-bent on relegating Cook to the back pages of Gisborne history.
  • No yet another dumb idea from our Mayor
  • How about changing the name of our Mayor for someone new!
  • Don’t agree. Spend money on roading instead.
  • Leave the names the same. The world knows us as Gisborne in Poverty Bay.
  • just spend the effort and money on things that matter…
  • No wot a total waste of time and money for no gain.
  • Why complicate things? Its a waste of time and money.
  • How about spending money on water, sewerage etc before…
  • There are more urgent needs for this district than a name change. That will not do anything towards getting basics such as roads, waste water, etc etc done. The council needs to get its priorities in order.
  • Dual name? You mean a first step to losing Poverty Bay altogether, along with Cook, Endeavour and Young Nicks Head, all steadily gouged out of the public eye.

Next question perhaps? Do you support a dual name for the Mayor?

His Wastrel the Mayor / His Worship the Mayor


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