Democracy is Unfair

Democracy is Unfair, as well as Discriminatory.

First, we had Ngaio Te Ua saying that democracy was discriminatory.

Now we have Palmerston North Councillor Aleisha Rutherford bleating that democracy is unfair.

It all goes to show how racism has become so deeply entrenched in Councils and Councillors. Reading the logical fallacies and breath-taking  ignorance from Cr Aleisha Rutherford is scary.

Palmerston North city councillor Aleisha Rutherford said [the petitioners] are largely non part-Maori and they’re making a decision that is going to affect part-Maori after the council had already consulted and made a decision. ”

“A referendum may be democratic but it’s also unfair. We have elected members for a reason.  As an elected member we are privy to a whole lot more information than the general public.”

The sounds of secrecy, eh? Along with a bit of the standard arrogance: we were elected to govern. And to hell with democracy!

Never mind the lack of logic in we were elected to govern and we . . . consulted. Why bother consulting the hapless ratepayers if you were elected to govern and are in a privy, know-it-all position?

What form did the consultation take, Ms councillor? A chat over the coffee cups during a council meeting break? Or is that ‘privy’ information?

And no, Ms councillor, the petitioners are not making a decision in the way you suggest.

All your ratepayers will be making the decision. The very people you should have meaningfully consulted before you and your racist clique within council made their arrogant decision.

It was you and your racist fellow-councillors who forced this situation.

Don’t you forget that.

With luck, those same ratepayers will remember your racist proclivities at the next council election.

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