Maori Mythpers

Maori Mythpers

The NZ variant of Chinese Whispers

When is a lie not a lie?

When it’s a many-times-told monetised-myth of modern-day part-Maori.

The indiscriminate use of the word taonga (defined as property procured by the spear) to defraud NZ taxpayers is likely well known to the 1Law4All members and contributors, here.

The cannibalisation of the radio spectrum by modern-day part-Maori is a great example of lies and myths.

How can something be an historical ‘treasure,’ when no one – brown, white or brindle – knew it existed, back in 1840, when the Treaty was signed at Waitangi?

Common sense is distressing to the Kangaroo Court called the Waitangi Tribunal, so such logic is stoically avoided. All in the pursuit of enriching a small group of elitist part-Maori at the expense of a large group called the New Zealand Taxpayer.

For those with an interest in the real science, rather than the scam pseudo-science mumblings of the Waitangi Tribunal, have a read of this item, by Donald Beswick.

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