PM Implicitly Endorses ‘Mob Veto’

PM Implicitly Endorses ‘Mob Veto

As reported in a 4 August 2018 Stuff item:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand is hostile to the views of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, the far-right speakers who had an event cancelled last night. Speaking on her arrival back to Wellington after six weeks of maternity leave, Ardern was responding to comments from Molyneux that New Zealand was “hostile to free speech.”

“I think we’re hostile to their views,” Ardern said. “They’re here because there were no grounds to block them being here. But that does not mean we welcome their views.”

There you have it. While cosying up to a collection of Wellington sycophants for a photo opportunity, Taxcindarella has made it clear that she knows what your views are, as she implicitly endorses the ‘mob veto’ against freedom of speech, being cancellation because of the threat of demonstrations. Or worse.

That sort of woolly claptrap equates to something simpler and far more sinister. Viz. The speakers’ racist views (in Taxcindarella’s opinion) are not the same as our racist views, so we [who?] don’t welcome them here. More or less what Andrew Little suggests.

And – of course – it’s not that NZ is hostile to free speech. No! It’s the thought police, we-know-better clowns from the W’gton drone house, and the PC-muzzled media that are paranoiac about allowing the free speech of opinions contrary to their own sacred cows.

Ross Giblin / Stuff photo

Of course, it never occurs to any of these hollow-headed numpties that an empty venue makes the loudest noise. They’re absolutely terrified of being shown to be wrong.

I.e. Their blind and wilful arrogance does not allow them the courage to wait and see how just many people they do not speak for, being those who would actually attend such an event, given the choice.

Yet another sad day for NZ’s slowly decaying democracy.

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