March 2020. 1Law4All has published a 32 page booklet detailing the fraud, lies, rabid racism, discrimination and deceit of successive NZ governments. Included in that list is the eminently duplicitous Waitangi Tribunal and its associated gaggle of white and part-Maori thieving deceivers. Some are lawyers; some are called “Treaty Negotiators.” All are benefitting from money earned by taxpayers but shovelled out by the gummint to those greedy hanger-on parasites, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

You can see some more about the colossal rorts going on at taxpayers expense, here.

You can read the cover-to-cover, full 32 pages of the booklet here, on this 1Law4All web site, where you can also download a copy in pdf format, if you want a permanent e-copy, or a copy to email to someone you know who would appreciate it.

The booklet is eloquent, well-researched and replete with irrefutable facts, but the title is simply not provocative or strong enough. Perhaps a more accurate & better title would have been: Lies, Racist Lies & Government Spin.

Another curious thing is the language. Even though few people can actually speak it, the noisy, part-Maori radicals of today are constantly ‘going on’ about the Maori language and how taxpayers should be paying the cost of preserving it from oblivion. But the racist and expedient Waitangi Tribunal is swayed by the culture of money, rather than the culture of Maori. If there’s more money to be extorted from taxpayers, then the (false Freeman) English language ‘version’ takes precedence over the wording of the Treaty in their own language! How convenient. It all comes down to “follow the money.”

One subversive cover-up that the booklet exposes is the intentional hiding of the last known English-language draft of the Treaty. From it, the Treaty of Waitangi in the Maori language was written. That draft (hand-written on two sides of the same piece of paper) is referred to as the “Littlewood document,” or the “Littlewood draft.” (Appendix B in the booklet.)

Here are the pictures of the two sides of that historical, momentous, and slyly concealed draft.

Even Archives NZ is complicit in the deception, for that so-important draft will not be found in their Constitution Room and is only available for public viewing by special request. It is hidden away because it is simply too embarrassing for the government – any government of the last few decades. (You can read more about the Littlewood draft here.)

The printing cost for the Treaty Con (Treaty fraud) Booklet was donated by a long-time and stoic 1Law4All supporter from Tauranga.

You can email a request for printed copies, using this address:  Email 1Law4All HQ (Click on the address)

A most inane perversity that is likely to come from the booklet is any rational discussion on its content will evoke a cry of “racism.” It shows how bad the country’s state really is when seeking equality is called racism.

As a nation, New Zealanders lost their senses, collectively and simultaneously, to regain them as a people, slowly, one person at a time.

When Is Everyone Not Everyone?

Did you notice? Part-Maori are not ‘everyone’ in this racist gummint’s current anti-virus measures. They’re special. They have ‘special’ slush-fund needs. Yeah, right! Special in getting a reserved-for-them-only taxpayer hand out of $56 or so million. Where’s all that Treaty slush fund money, bros?

“Response package?” Yeah, right. Vote gathering package – more like it. Pictured in the Stuff item is the failed Munster of 30,000 affordable houses, Dhil Twitford. Handing out millions of taxpayer dollars to a racist few – easy-peasy. Building affordable houses? Nope. Just castles in the air.

Publishing this now could be seen as insensitive, but rampant gummint racism continues, virus or not.

Waiting in the wings for this year’s General Election are some new, one-law-for-all-type political parties. One of them is called One NZ. More on that to come.

10 thoughts on “Treaty Con Booklet Published

  1. Great to see that 1law4all is still at it. Unfortunately for NZ, I can’t see this racism ending any time soon. One of the main reasons I left NZ six years ago. Wishing you all the very best of luck with it…

  2. Most people in my experience have become used to avoiding any discussion at all on the subject. The use of the the R word is still very strong and those part-Maori active in the grievance business realize that there is still plenty of sting left in the word. The whole education field is riddled with the very division that many in it claim they are against. We need a whole political shift and personally I can’t see it happening any time soon. Meanwhile the whole treaty industry is thriving and there is no sign of an end – why would they allow it to end?

  3. You make a comment about the money from the Treaty Settlements but what about the profit from the reported $B64 Maori Businesses (Trusts) which pay no tax. Where is that profit going to?

  4. Maori will bankrupt our country by 2040. My email address is deliberate so they cannot call me racist any more. I have relatives who have left NZ to get away from them so they do not see them pillage NZ completely. 57 Million special payment to Maori for Coronovirus. HELLO! The special people get their snout into the trough first.

  5. I think that in order to legitimize your very important message, you should use the correct terminology for plural Maori, that being of course Maori. There are no consonants at the end of Maori words, they all end in vowels. You may be doing it deliberately to wind people up but if that’s the case I think you may lose support from the many Maori who are on your side.

      1. Besides – as I understand it, language conventions in one language (in this case Maori) don’t transfer automatically to another language – in this case English. In any event it’s a nit-picking comment, Grunt, hardly relevant in the greater scheme of things.

  6. When are these groups going to wake up that today’s part Maori are not the people that signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 and that the Treaty was only an agreement between tangata Maori and the Queen to give up their kawanatanga/governments.

    They completely overlook Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter, our true Founding Document and first Constitution issued by, “Victoria by the Grace of God” under, The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” dated the 16 November 1840. This document separated New Zealand from New South Wales and made New Zealand into British Colony on the 3 May 1841. It set up New Zealand’s political, legal and justice system under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

  7. My biggest fear as a European with many of my family of Maori decent is that not in my life time (75 year of age) but in the future past history shows us all the ingredients are there for N.Z. heading towards a Civil War, God Forbid

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