1Law4All Subjected to Racist & Hate Speech Attacks

Recently 1Law4All published a booklet called To All New Zealanders: Are we being conned by the Treaty Industry? The information, facts and truths provided in the booklet have been researched over many years and are easily checked by anyone willing to take the time to verify the research.

The distribution of the booklet was done by volunteers – done during the Covid 19 Lockdown with volunteers delivering them while on their [approved, social distance maintained] daily walks for exercise. If you have not yet received a copy, you can read the entire booklet here.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive with many requests for further copies and wider distribution of the booklet. New Zealanders are sick and tired of the entire Treaty Industry and the misrepresenting of our history by iwi [I Want It] activists and their sycophants who benefit from their traitorous actions.

Some of the positive responses are:

“Great booklet. Needs to be circulated as widely as possible. Will be doing my share.”

“Hi I am inquiring if I am able to purchase more of these booklets , I wish to give some to my friends. It is very informative and has all the key things in it to have a robust discussion.”

“Would I be able to get a carton of the booklet. I have read a copy. Maybe 10 booklets if you can’t do a carton”

“Am getting deeply disturbed about the protests and claims being made by IWI, about reinventing history and claims of Colonial oppression??., which must be stopped..

Would appreciate if you would send me another batch of Treaty Books possibly another 30 if still available.”

“I was introduced to your excellent booklet by an associate, Arthur, in Auckland. I would like to procure about 30+ of these for friends / colleagues sympathetic to a democratic society.”

“I wish to thank you for the 6 booklets you sent me recently. The booklet is an exceptionally useful document and, despite its brevity, must have taken a lot of work to assemble. I have made good use of the extra copies”

Racist Hate Speech

Sadly, it also generated a few hateful and racist attacks from some people who are obviously completely ignorant of our real history or have much to gain from supporting the falsified, ‘re-written’ version, currently popular with politicians and activists alike.

I will use *** to minimise the impact of these statements on your eye balls and sensibilities, but please be warned, the quotes are not pretty and may offend some people:

e russll wrote: “F*ck off back to your own land White Pig sh*t Pakeha we dont want you here, thanks for the toilet paper hahahaha”

Al.Majendie wrote: “Myth 25- The pamphlet writers at 1 law for all are smart people. Truth 25- They’re a bunch of white supremacist knob jockeys who can take their Hegelian bullshit and p*ss off back to Vienna where their ideas came from.”

Caitlin Dunne wrote: “You are scummy c*nts and your booklet is gross as f*ck. Get in the bin ya dickheads.”

Nga Mihi, from the mokopuna of Heke Pokai wrote: “We do not want your grievance and our people have too much Mana to seek pity, especially from the people who raped our women and burnt down our whare to overtake our land (but that doesn’t push towards colonialism at all, right?) we want you to understand the difficulties of growing up in New Zealand as a lower class Maori. It’s hard!

To read this b*llshit makes it worse. Please refrain from mailing your demeaning, misguiding and manipulative booklets to my house in Levin. Also please get f*cked. Or I’ll chop down your flagpoles. F*ck you !!!!!!”

You can read the booklet, and you can read these comments. I’ll leave it up to you to decide where the Hate Speech comes from!

One negative email received was from a Local Government politician, Councillor Dave Macpherson of the Hamilton City Council. He wrote:

“Please don’t bother sending your ridiculous right-wing booklet to representatives of communities that have moved well past your racist arguments.

I haven’t opened it, and have placed it straight in the recycling bin.

In respect of your racist claim on the cover about the so-called wealth and power grab by the newly created tribal elite – you fail to note that the forebears of the people you moan and whinge about, actually owned and controlled this country 100% before your English colonial thieves turned up and stole it, paying nothing with the exception of a few hundred muskets and some mouldy blankets.”

How does Dave Macpherson know the booklet is racist or right wing if he didn’t even open it? The booklet obviously stayed as closed as his mind. Shouldn’t it be part of his job to make sure he is well informed of the facts for when he has to vote on decisions that affect all of his rate payers? In fact, Mr Macpherson, the comments and reason for the booklet are to argue against racism!

It is extremely disturbing and a sad indictment on all politicians in this country that they will support popular ideology in decision and policy making, rather than facts and reason.