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  1. Maybe we should start charging part-Maori for everything we have introduced to NZ since the treaty was signed? Let’s charge a dollar for every chook’s egg they buy and every drop of milk they buy. We should also charge them for the bees that make the honey.

  2. Why is it racist for a white person to mispronounce a maori name or place name but not racist for a maori to do the same. Is it racist for a maori to mispronounce a non maori name or place name?
    Is it now racist to mispronounce a foreign name or place name for every white person in every country in the world or is this just a maori thing.
    The deepest depths of stupidity and cowardliness have now been plumbed.
    When are NZs going to discover they have hind legs and stand up on them and shout ENOUGH

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