We Should Have Known Better

How do you tell when politicians are lying?

Their lips are moving!

Read this quote and weep!

RON MARK (Deputy Leader—NZ First): I rise on behalf of New Zealand First and, in particular, my colleague Denis O’Rourke, who saw most of this bill through the Local Government and Environment Committee process, and I trust that I will do him justice by taking his slot.

I want to start by making it very, very clear to the House that New Zealand First is not going to go through this election talking about bottom lines, except for on this matter. We wish to make it very, very clear as a party that if any party in this House today debating this bill, and voting for it in particular, wishes to be in Government with us post—23 September, they will have to accept that we will repeal this bill. I am saying it again: New Zealand First is making it very, very clear that if this bill passes in this third reading, those parties that vote for it—if they wish to be in Government with New Zealand First post—September 2017—had better accept that this bill will be repealed.

Now that NZ First is in coalition, what has happened?

Have the racist provisions in the Resource Management Act been repealed?


The baubles and trinkets of power won, hands down.

Keeping faith with their word, or even with their voting constituents, was not an option.  Why?

“Not enough people voted for us,” along with other politically expedient excuses, excuses and more excuses.

The “bro-rocracy” in the RMA stays and Winston First and his MPs collects their pays!

And politicians wonder why we hold them in utter contempt.

They are simply a pack of mendacious, opportunistic mongrels.

Even though we’re guilty of voting for them, time-after-time, they are – one and all – The disHonourable Breakers of pre-Election Promises, Member of Parliament for any and every NZ electorate.

You can read the full Hansard transcript, here. Sounded good at the time – of course. Later proven to be just so many lies.

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