The Origins of 1Law4All

Over recent years – and especially since National went into its devilish coalition with the Maori Party – there has been a step-by-step erosion of our traditional democratic rights in favour of the tribal elite, which the Maori Party represents.

However, it needed a catalyst to bring about a movement for political action and that catalyst was the February, 2013, publication of the book, Twisting the Treaty, an authoritative and terrifying account of the way that New Zealand is blindly going down the dark path of separatism and racism, with those who are not part-Maori being made to feel like second class citizens in their own country.

Twisting the Treaty was written by six well-qualified authors, all of whom have long been concerned about the issues that the book raises. The book has made enough people angry enough to take political action and 1Law4All is the result – a party that is determined to roll through the country like thunder, informing the people of how they are being cheated of their rights and resources by the mainstream political parties in the  name of spurious “Treatyism.”

Treatyism is the false belief that the Treaty of Waitangi gave special rights to Maoris and their descendants. It did not. Treatyism says that the Treaty of Waitangi created a “partnership” between Maoris and the Crown. It did not. It was merely the way to bring the violent and anarchic islands of New Zealand into the British Empire. The Treaty made all the Maoris (including the slaves) full British subjects and any rights that Maoris have emanate from the common law and other benefits of being British subjects. Not from the Treaty as such.

In short, Treatyism, based on equally false “principles” and “partnership” is a new invention dreamt up by two scheming lawyers, Geoffrey Palmer and Robin Cooke – largely for the benefit of their own profession or, to be more precise, for the benefit of the big city law firms, which have made hundreds of millions of dollars of profits out of lucrative “treaty settlements.”  Treatyism is designed to skew the political system and the law in favour of one race (part-Maoris) at the expense of the rest of us.

1Law4All is up and running and has the potential to cause a political earthquake by doing something that the two main parties seem incapable of doing – telling the truth about the Treaty of Waitangi.

One Law For All used to be a principle of the National Party when it was in Opposition and before it was captured by the sinister combination of John Key and Christopher Whinlayson. At National’s annual conference in 2002 there was a huge banner proclaiming One Law For All behind the podium for all to see. But that noble principle was ditched as soon as Key took over and he was convinced by Whinlayson that taking the Maori Party into coalition and appeasing it at every point was the way to go. Key, with his lack of principles, is effectively on sale to the highest bidder and, if that drives a sword through a united, non-racist New Zealand by adopting the Maori Party’s policies, then so be it.

1Law4All is no longer a political party, and is now more of a concerned citizens’ group which is growing from the grassroots upwards instead of being imposed by the political elite to work from the top downwards. 1Law4All is democracy in action or, if you like, “people power.” 1Law4All intends to support any Political Party which includes in it’s policies, the promise to rid New Zealand of all the creeping racism that is ruining our wonderful country. But 1Law4All can’t do it on its own. 1Law4All needs your support.