Our objective is:

To ensure the equality of all New Zealanders before the law – regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture or religion.
This means that our government, its legislation, and judges’ interpretations must treat every citizen equally in law (showing no privilege, discrimination or bias).

Our purpose is:

To be forward-looking.
It’s time to move on. 1Law4All is only concerned with protecting legal equality so that our country can be united, happy and prosperous in the 21st century.

Our policies are:

  1. To remove all discriminatory elements from legislation.
  2. To remove all race-based governance and management positions in central, regional and local government.
  3. To replace the Waitangi Tribunal with standard recourse to a Property Court for offences against property rights.
  4. To withdraw New Zealand from the U.N.’s inappropriate and divisive Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  5. To ensure any constitutional change is supported by 75% of the voting public in a binding referendum. This must follow a comprehensive and unbiased education programme.
  6. The cultures of both the white and Maori settlers who were resident in New Zealand at the time of the signing of the Treaty are the foundation cultures of New Zealand as we know it today. 1Law4All will never agree to the subversion, or erosion of our laws, religions or cultures by any foreign immigrant culture or religion that may wish to raise theirs above our own. We believe that immigrants to this country should be expected to live under our laws and respect our cultures, beliefs and religions. That they may practice their own cultures and religions only within the boundaries created by the laws of this country. *Note: This policy does not imply that we agree with bi-culturalism as it is today.

Other political issues:

To keep faith with 1Law4All supporters from across the political spectrum, we have the one bottom line – that of legal equality of all citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or religion.
Should we win a position in government, 1Law4All will take a middle-of-the road position on all other issues or proposals by other parties. Should this be difficult to define or involve highly controversial legislation, we will seek a majority public consensus and vote

accordingly. We will not have personal conscience votes.

We will support an MMP government driven by:

  • Democracy and unity, NOT oligarchies or tribalism.
  • Equality before the law, NOT apartheid.
  • Inclusiveness, NOT elitism.
  • Public funding based on need, NOT entitlement.
  • Accountable spending of taxpayers’ hard-earned monies.