Electoral Commission Submission

Electoral Commission Submission

1Law4All applied for (taxpayer) funding to assist with broadcasting its policies, as all political parties may do, subject to certain conditions.

On Friday 7 April, a 1Law4All Party representative made an oral submission in support of its written submission, to the Electoral Commission, in Wellington.

From figures available on the Electoral Commissions’ web site, you can get an idea of what 1Law4All and democracy is up against. In 2014 and 2015,  the National Party received donations in excess of five million, three-hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollars. With that sort of money in the coffers, why does it deserve any public money to broadcast its subversively racist agenda message to New Zealand?

Much the same could be said of the Labour Party which received over one million, two-hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in donations. Why does it need any public money to broadcast its equally racist agenda message to New Zealand?

Reproduced below is the 1Law4All’s written Submission to the Electoral Commission (three members).


Members of the Electoral Commission

This is an appeal to your conscience. An appeal to each of you as loyal New Zealanders to do your duty and allow the views of 80% of your fellow citizens to be heard.

As these polls and local body referenda incontrovertibly demonstrate, 80% of New Zealanders don’t want a bar of racial favouritism. And yet they are studiously ignored by their representatives.

Decade after decade, four out of five New Zealanders have been treated with contempt by every branch of central and local government, every academic institution, every judicial institution, every media organisation, and every political party. 1Law4All is the only party that can change that.

As a result, the relentless surrender of New Zealand sovereignty gathers pace every year.

This year, the National Party plans to appease the Maori Party by caving into the demands of the Iwi Leaders’ Group to control New Zealand’s drinking water and to slow down every resource consent by agreeing to give every tribe in every district the power to veto every decision.

This will be the end of New Zealand as we know it. It will mean that at least 50% of the power in every council will be wielded by the wealthy leaders of just 15% of the population.

And all in the name of a non-existent ‘Treaty partnership’ complete with non-existent ‘principles.’

Please help us to save New Zealand before it becomes New Zimbabwe. We are a small party. (Few Kiwis are prepared to put their heads above the parapet on an issue which guarantees they will be demonised as racist — simply for wanting racial equality!)

But as you can see from the chart provided, 1Law4All has a huge potential support base.

And most importantly, we have a policy that if publicised widely would prove enormously popular with the 80%, and give them hope where none currently exists.

The policy is a binding referendum. Below is the wording. We would use your money to make sure every New Zealander knew about it. 1Law4All would pressure other parties to accept it.

1Law4All believes many of those 80% would vote for 1Law4All as a result.

Your empowering legislation allows you to be flexible in your ranking of the various funding criteria.

The criteria stress “the need to provide a fair opportunity for each party that qualifies for the broadcast allocation to convey its policies by the broadcasting of election programmes on television”.

1Law4All needs that fair opportunity.

More importantly, four out of five New Zealanders deserve that opportunity to (if 1Law4All may paraphrase a certain president) “MAKE NEW ZEALAND ONE AGAIN.”

So don’t do it for 1Law4All. Do it for your friends, family and neighbours. And do it for yourself. If and when 1Law4All’s TV adverts appear and momentum starts building for the One Law For All Referendum, you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I helped save my country.”

1Law4All appreciates the opportunity to make the case for New Zealand.

Sweet Sue or Auntie Acerbic

Sweet Sue or Auntie Acerbic?

Here’s an opportunity for all you regular blog contributors to provide 1Law4All with some insights. The nub is simple.

In this election year, when campaigning against the racist policies of National, Labour, Greens et al, should the tenor by nice or strident? Should 1Law4All go for the jugular, or be measured and modest?

It matters not whether it’s words or pictures – what shall it be?

Consider the images you’ll see if you click the links below – various facebook pages. Clicking on the links will open a new tab in your web browser.

Picture No. 1    Picture No. 2   Picture No. 3   Picture No. 4

Are they over-the-top? About right? Too pussyfoot? Those images and perhaps more like them can be seen on the 1Law4All facebook page.

Most bloggers will recognise the imprimatur of John Ansell.

On another, but related matter, it’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so how does this sound for an election jingle?

Make New Zealand ONE Again

Would you wear a cap or tee shirt emblazoned with these slogans?

If so, by the end of Monday 25 March, you should see them available to buy, along with other designs, from 1Law4All’s shop by clicking here.


Parliament’s Ohariu Harlot Blows His Trumpet

Parliament’s Ohariu Harlot Blows His Trumpet

Peter Dunne appalled by ‘racist’ propaganda delivered to Wellington homes

9 March 2017

Racism is a Dunne deal as yet another pro-racist privilege supporter states his position loud and clear. To hell with equality and democracy, I hear. As has oft been repeated: why don’t the media ask such poufs the obvious question: can you please explain how seeking equality for all NZ citizens is racist?

Rumours that United Future is be re-badged as Apartheid Future are unfounded, it seems.

From the dompost. (Or should that be compost?)

Leaflets distributed around Wellington’s northern suburbs are full of disgraceful, despicable racist bigotry, and should be thrown in the bin, MP Peter Dunne says. On the pamphlet the group states contributions can be made to an Orewa bank account, and claim further information can be found in books such as One Treaty, One Nation – a recent publication from Tross Publishing, and written by Hugh Barr, Don Brash, and others.

Don Brash said on Thursday night that he had not heard of the Rolling Thunder campaign, and it had nothing to do with the Hobson’s Pledge Trust. I do, of course, strongly favour New Zealand’s being a colour-blind society, where all citizens have the same constitutional status, he said.

To see what all the fuss is about, copies of those brochures can be seen, here.

10 March 2017

And here he goes again. Newshub (TV3) ran the Media Release likely put out by anti-United [Apartheid] Future. If in doubt, fudge it out! The picture caption goes:

The Ohariu MP says two anti-Treaty pamphlets have been dropped into letterboxes in his electorate.

Two lies in one. Neither the authors of One Treaty One Nation, nor 1Law4All are anti-Treaty. The Maori-language Treaty signed at Waitangi in 1840, that is. Of course, the latter-day tainted, wishful-thinking concoctions are a different matter, altogether.

When Defending Democracy is Racism

When defending democracy is described as racism, all New Zealanders must know that their democracy is in grave danger.

TVNZ to review complaints about Mike Hosking’s comments on Mayor Andrew Judd

9 May  2016

After TVNZ’s Seven Sharp aired a segment on the abuse New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd received for proposing a Maori ward for local government councils, Mike Hosking added his own two cents’ worth.

“I’d never personally attack him obviously but sad to say he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand. There’s nothing wrong with Maori representation on councils because any Maori that wants to stand for a council is more than welcome to do so and they can sell their message and if they’re good enough they’ll get voted on,” Hosking said.

In a statement Radio New Zealand received from TVNZ, a spokesperson for the broadcaster said a formal complaint [of “racist” remarks] had been laid against Hosking and a committee would review the complaint in the coming days.

Hosking’s comments have also been condemned by his own colleagues Miriama Kamo and Scotty Morrison on TVNZ show Marae. Pictured below are the media’s moaning micro-Maori monstering Mike over his comments on democracy.


It’s worth noting how inaccurate the 2016 media reports are on this. Muddy-brained Mayor Andrew Judd did not propose a Maori ward. He voted for one! One perspective is in an older story from 2014.

Horse bolts over Maori ward
New Plymouth councillor John McLeod sensationally resigned moments after a the creation of a Maori ward was passed by the council. The councillor  handed in his resignation mid-meeting, after the council voted seven to six in favour of establishing a Maori ward for the 2016 local body elections.

Mayor Andrew Judd, deputy mayor Heather Dodunski, and councillors Shaun Biesiek, Gordon Brown, Craig McFarlane, Marie Pearce and Howie Tamati voted in favour of a Maori ward.

Click here to be transferred to 1Law4All’s earlier item on this storm in a teacup.

The full Stuff story is here.

Water, Water Everywhere – Until You Want A Drink

Water, Water Everywhere
Until You Want A Drink

In a previous 1Law4All newsletter, the racist grab for the nation’s fresh water was detailed—a crime against the commons. More details of how it’s to be done are now known.

What can you do? What can be done? Presently – perhaps only a little. Until a National Party politician feels the threat of impending unemployment, no MP is going to buck Emperor Shonkey. But if enough people knock on their local MP’s electorate office doors, expressing their dissent with the racist policies of the present government, the chill winds of perhaps having to work in the real world will blow around their ankles and that might change things in Wellington.

Do not be deceived by any platitudes about balance, or redressing past wrongs, or Treaty rights, or any such huff and fluff designed to cover the real agenda. The objective is simple: if ownership is not an option, then it’s control of NZ’s fresh water by racist separatists, for the financial benefit of micro-Maori. Nothing less. There are options on ways to achieve this. One is unaccountable-to-ratepayers, race-based appointees to Regional Councils. All done in a very sly way. Take the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, likely something of a blue print for the rest of NZ . . .

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Planning Committee [HBRPC] is a permanent Committee established by Government legislation as part of Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiations. It comprises nine elected representatives and ten race-based appointees. Several elected representatives are known pro-micro-Maori separatist collaborators, a story about one of whom will be covered in a blog post – here – in a few days’ time. For now, here’s the make up of the HBRPC:

Elected Regional Councillors (nine) representing these areas:
* Wairoa (one)
* Napier (three)
* Central Hawke’s Bay (one)
* Ngaruroro (one)
* Hastings (three)

Racially-selected Tāngata Whenua appointees (ten) representing these micro-Maori, tribal groups
* Ngāti Pāhauwera Development and Tiaki Trusts
* Ngāti Hineuru Iwi Inc
* Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana
* Ngāti Tuwharetoa Hapu Forum
* He Toa Takitini
* Mana Ahuriri Incorporated
* Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust
* Te Tira Whakaemi o Te Wairoa
* Tūhoe
* He Toa Takitini

Notice that—to start with—the committee has a majority of race-based appointees. The HBRPC tells the Regional Council what it can and can’t do. Once that’s done, if the elected members of the Regional Council don’t like that, they cannot change it without an 80% agreement from the HBRPC. That means the racially-dominated HBRPC has almost total control over decisions made by the Council on all Resource Management Act matters. Including the control and management of fresh water! Do you begin to see what’s going on, here? Then read on . . .

One particularly poisonous platitude is Shonkey’s repeated assertion that “no one owns the water. Don’t be fooled. Given that stance, the Maori Party, Shonkey, Whinlayson and the other racist sycophants have come up with “a workaround.”

Most will be familiar with the term “airspace.” The air above a country – which nobody owns – through which planes fly. But only with the permission – air traffic control – of the nation on the land, below. The new deal struck with the traitors to NZ’s commons is similar to that airspace concept.

Although they wont own the fresh water, micro-Maori will get to control all NZ’s “waterspace.” That’s what’s above the bed of every public lake, river, stream and creek over which our fresh water is stored or flows. Permission to swim in that “waterspace” or to use the water in any other way will only be available from the micro-Maori owners of the land [bed] beneath that “waterspace,” which we’ll call water traffic control. Doubtless involving a fee. Sorry – “koha.” Likely on the basis of no koha – no goha.

There you have it. That’s how control – ownership in all-but-name – of NZ’s fresh water is to be handed over to racially-selected, micro-Maori interests.

1Law4All (Or Only the majority?)

1Law4All (Or Only the majority?)

In case you missed it, from TVNZ One News.

‘One Law For All New Zealanders’ – Anger Over Police Moves Not To Fine Unlicensed Maori
(17 June, 2015)

Unlicensed Maori drivers caught behind the wheel in South Auckland are getting the chance to avoid a $400 fine. Documents leaked to ONE News spelled out that all Maori drivers caught without a licence or in breach of their conditions are to be referred for training and not given a ticket.

We then refer them to the panel and the panel looks at a whole range of issues that’s caused that person to drive without a licence or why that person hasn’t had a licence, and then provides some support, says Superintendent Wally Haumaha of Police National HQ.


Counties Manukau Police Deny Guideline Is Race Based (17 June 2015)

Suggestions that part-Maori are getting preferential treatment when caught driving unlicensed are misleading, commissioner of police Mike Bush has said. However he acknowledged the guidelines document advising Counties Manukau police on how to deal with any part-Maori caught driving without a license could have been worded better.

As the slow-motion train wreck continued and the potato got too hot, some oblique, double-talking Ministerial intervention:

Race-Based Police Policy To Be Changed (17 June 2015)

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has given Police Minister Michael Woodhouse an assurance that there was no intention by Counties-Manukau police to run a raced-based policy of not ticketing unlicensed part-Maori drivers after the Minister had expressed concern to Mr Bush following a TVNZ news item. I received an assurance from him that that was not the intent of the policy and the policy will be amended to make that clear.

Police Minister Pulls Plug On One Racist Policy. Now What About The Rest of The Racist Policies? (18 June 2015)

The minister said police were able to exercise discretion over transport offences.

But I do not condone any policy that has the effect or the appearance of, treating one race differently from another.

Appearances?  Yeah, right!

Some police have been running a system called conditional pre-charge warnings. It applies to part-Maori who are arrested for an offence punishable by less than 2 years jail. That includes theft, assault, wilful damage, etc. It is not limited to first time offenders, including any hard core, repeat offenders. So what happens?

They are referred to a local Iwi or trust where they are dealt with in some way out of the reach of the crime statisticians. Of course, all this is paid for by the taxpayer and the miscreants never enter the court system. That helps give the false impression that the part-Maori crime rate is falling.
– excerpted from WhaleOil Blog by Cameron Slater

English Not An Official NZ Language

English Not an Official Language in NZ Legislation

Did you know that New Zealand has two official languages and English is not one of them? The two official languages are Sign Language – made official in 2006, and the Maori Language in 1987.

MP Simon Bridges confirmed that there is no law that enshrines English as a NZ official language. To correct this, he suggested a petition saying that he will present such a petition to Parliament. The wording has been approved by the Clerk of the House. English is our common language and we must ensure it becomes an official language of our country.

Each petition sheet is quite easy to fill in, for family, friends, neighbours, workmates etc. So far, very few people have declined to sign it. If you have a business, (or know of one you could ask), it could go on the counter. Your local RSA is likely a good option.

The Petition was launched in Tauranga and it will be running for a few more months. Contact the petitioner (Robin) on 27-2331595, or by e-mail or download/print petition forms from here  – use the printer icon to print. Once a petition page is full of signatures, the address to post it to is on the bottom of the form.

– Robin Bishop (abridged)

NP Mayor Judd Mounts UN Challenge to Democracy

A 2016 Update

Good Riddance to Racist Rubbish

On Friday 6 May 2016, New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd announced he will not seek re-election after being harassed and abused following his championing of race-based Council representation, then adding his Mayoral vote to the creation of a Maori Ward for the New Plymouth Council.

Parts of the community were outraged. Grey Power petitioned and forced a binding referendum, while 83 per cent of New Plymouth voters didn’t want un-elected part-Maori representation.

“I was removed as a patron of a club, uninvited to community events. Getting abuse walking down the street at the Santa parade,” Mr Judd told Seven Sharp. Mr Judd said he has been spat on by a woman in a supermarket while with his children. “From that point on I’ve somewhat hidden my family, stopped taking them to events and things.”

“Friends [I’ve] known for years [were] avoiding me, ringing me up saying what a mistake, we voted for you, you’re a Maori lover,” Mr Judd said. “I had a man dressed in a Nazi uniform come to see me, saying hatred stuff, I had Christians quoting chapters of the bible.” Other mayors from throughout New Zealand have also avoided him at local government meetings.

The TV1 story is here.

The Original Story

New Plymouth Mayor Judd Opposes & Mounts UN Challenge to Democracy

New Plymouth voters have overwhelmingly rejected the introduction of a Maori ward in the district. In a citizens-initiated referendum on the issue, 83 percent of those who voted were against the proposal. A total of 56,250 people were eligible to vote with 45 percent doing so. Mr Judd said he was going to take a complaint against the Government’s Maori wards legislation to the United Nations. He said the fact that a council’s decision to have a Maori ward could be overturned by a citizens-initiated referendum was unfair. Mr Judd said he had been speaking with a representative of the United Nations over the last few weeks about a challenge to the Crown.

Hugh Johnson, who sponsored the petition forcing a referendum, said he was satisfied with the result which was more clear-cut than he expected. I think it’s very good. We beat Northland the vote there was only 66 percent. So the voters are feeling like I do [in thinking] that people should only be elected to council on their own merit.
– Radio NZ


New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd (left) accepting a petition from Hugh Johnson in 2014, which called for a poll on the Maori ward initiative.

Andrew Judd just does not get it!

The New Plymouth Mayor had to go for a drive and a bush walk to internalise the results of a local referendum that had 83% vote against the creation of a separate Maori Ward in the District.

What Mr Judd does not get is that as an elected representative he was elected to represent people – to be a voice of the people. He was not elected to impose his own views on the community. The problem Mr Judd has in particular is that there is a canyon like divide between his views are those of the community.

What makes matters worse for the Mayor is he did not express his views about Maori representation to the electorate before being elected. He therefore cannot claim any mandate whatsoever to advocate the separatist democracy he is now so doggedly promoting.

Mr Judd is in the wrong job. He should simply accept that his view is so different from the community that he is not able to represent it in a manner that the community could reasonably expect.  For the sake of the New Plymouth district he should not stand again for election. Better still, he should accept that fact and resign now.
– Frank Newman

NP Ratepayers Say NO to Racist Representatives

A Maori ward seat has been given a resounding no from the people of the New Plymouth district. The council’s controversial decision to have a Maori ward was overturned in a landslide vote on Friday after a district-wide, binding referendum. 83% of voters in the binding referendum voted against the creation of the ward, with only 17 per cent of people in favour of the idea.

From the 45 per cent voter turnout and the 25,338 returned votes, 21,053 people were against the creation of the ward, with only 4285 in favour of it. New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd, who championed the proposal, said he was disappointed with the result. But I accept it with peace and humbleness, he said.
– Taranaki News

Links to related stories

Resounding no to a Maori ward for New Plymouth district

New Plymouth voters reject Maori ward

Frank Newman: New Plymouth Mayor should resign

Related story from 24/09/2014
Horse bolts over Maori ward

Key Delegates Water Give-Away

PM Delegates Water Give-Away

by Mike Butler

Prime Minister John Key is moving towards granting preferential water rights to government-created tribal corporations, thus running the risk of losing the support of large swathes of voters who supported the National Party’s previous one-water-law-for-all position.

A report commissioned by the Iwi Leaders Group calling for an equitable, permanent share of water allocations was released today, following a recent Cabinet Paper proposing criteria to give preferential access on a case-by-case basis, to private tribal companies that pay little tax.

Talks between the powerful Iwi Leaders Group and the Government, fronted by Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and Environment Minister Nick Smith, are at a critical stage after ministers rejected a nationwide Waterlords settlement along the lines of the outrageous Sealords deal over Maori commercial fishing claims and the Treelords giveaway of Central North Island forestry.

The claim that tribes own the water has no merit and only exists because it has repeated so often that some have started to take it as a fact.

When nineteenth century chiefs sold the large blocks of land, they also sold the water, the trees, everything above the land, and everything below it, according to deeds of land purchases that the Iwi Leaders Group conveniently ignores.

For instance, Deed No. 420 in Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand, by Henry Hanson Turton, for the Upper Waikato Block transaction says that the government paid the people of Ngatimahanga, Ngatitamainu and Ngatihourua £1000 on September 15, 1864, in a sale that included trees, minerals, waters, rivers, lakes, streams, and all appertaining to the said land or beneath the surface of the said land.

That £1000 for an area between the Waipa and Waikato rivers from Ngaruawahia to Lake Taupo, in 1864 would be worth $103,835.86 today, according to the Reserve Bank Inflation calculator.

These were standard deeds used in all transactions of that time.

How has the foolish Key-led government handled this latest opportunistic bid by tribal companies for water ownership? The government:
1. Acknowledges part-Maori interests and rights in freshwater;
2. Argues that the extent and nature of those rights are at issue;
3. Says that no one owns the water;
4. Is ready to delegate to regional councils the politically risky task of allocating water to private tribal companies.

Reference to catchment-by-catchment deals at a regional government level appears in the Cabinet paper already mentioned. The Government may set criteria by which local tribal companies can get preferential access to water on that catchment by catchment basis, Smith says.

Key’s duplicitous position of no one owning the water but regional councils can allocate rights to tribes coincides with central-government-driven bids to set up super councils in three regions: Northland, Hawke’s Bay, and Wellington. Each such super-council plan includes and un-elected and unaccountable part-Maori board plus co-governance tribal-council regional planning committees.

Lawyer James Dunne, a partner in Chen Palmer, warned of a possible uninformed public backlash in light of the controversy over the Foreshore and seabed issue.

There certainly should be a public backlash – unless New Zealanders enjoy being lied to and disadvantaged.

See Stuff Article

Expanding The Policy

Expanding The Policies

iStock_Policy Large-320x240

Some members have suggested that the party expand its policies further than the core of One Law For All. Yet we are already there! Right now, there are so many racist matters going on – in health, education, local government, public access to coast and rivers, etc. – that violate the principle of One Law For All. The party is doing what it can to expose those to the people who would be affected – usually at the local level. However, getting the message across to the average, TV-infatuated New Zealander is quite a challenge.

The party’s policy of One Law For All readily expands into other related areas such as:

* support for referenda that any changes to the spelling of place names (e.g. Wanganui) must be decided by local ratepayers in a poll;

* opposing any change to the New Zealand flag on the grounds that the flag represents the nation’s sovereignty;

* exposing the insidious encroachment of un-elected and unaccountable race-based representatives on to local and regional councils.

It appears that no other party is taking up the cudgels for such things and this is an area where 1Law4All hopes to make a considerable impact. 1Law4All is a firm upholder of the sovereignty of the nation and a fierce critic of Christopher Finlayson’s race-based co-governance agreements with favoured tribes like Tuhoe which dilute NZ’s sovereignty.

To forge ahead the party is going to need more assistance from members with various skills – e.g. administrative, secretarial and IT. So, if you have something to offer the party (and the country) in those or other fields, please contact us.


07-8682262 (Peter Wood)

P O Box 177, Orewa, Auckland 0946

We always welcome suggestions from members. Unlike other parties that are master-minded by the political elite who work from the top down, 1Law4All is essentially a group of very concerned citizens who are trying to change things from the bottom up.

Our message has enormous potential because it is the right one for New Zealand. A message uncontaminated by political needs such as appeasing the race-based Maori Party (National), or trying to buy the Maori working class vote (Labour). So, please stay on the 1Law4All train and renew your membership.


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