Taniwha Tax – Notice of Appeal

Taniwha Tax – Notice of Appeal

It was to be expected . . .

After all, those diabolical, purple-dot-exorcising, Cultural Impact Assessments were a delightful money-spinner for the cuzzie bros and cuzzie sis’ were they not?

9 September 2016

TAKE NOTICE that the Independent Maori Statutory Board, will appeal to the High Court against the decision of the Auckland Council on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan delivered on 19 August 2016

UPON THE GROUNDS that the decision is erroneous in law.


1. Those parts of the decision (“Decision”) appealed against relate to Sites and Places of Value to Mana Whenua (“Sites of Value”) and references to cultural landscapes which were part of Hearing Topic 009 (Mana Whenua) and Hearing Topic 036/037 (Maori land and treaty and Mana Whenua sites).

For insomniacs, even the brave and intrepid, click here to read the full Notice of Appeal.

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