Open Letter to New Zealanders

What does it take to wake people up to the racist power play threatening our country’s peace and prosperity?

Some Aucklanders have recently been shocked by the Council’s “racist” survey asking residents to rate their feelings towards ethnic groups including Pakeha, Chinese, Indian, Korean and “other Asian” people, and say whether they contributed to the economy or not… (Herald on Sunday 4/5/14).

Replace these designations with those of “Jew”, “Black” or “Homosexual” and we could be in Nazi Germany of the 1930s. Call me an alarmist, but we only have to read a bit of history to know that this is how it starts. Will some of us be forced to wear a New Zealand version of the badge of shame? Will we or our children be forced out in some way?

Innocuous Start

Our first move away from the enlightened and democratic “one law for all” creed was the push for Maori to receive extra privileges and priorities. While innocent and tolerant Kiwis thought they were giving a leg up to the underprivileged or paying for real grievances, the reality has been quite different. No matter how well off they are, people with a bit of Maori blood are increasingly entitled to unelected and unaccountable power at all levels of government, priority in healthcare, a rewritten history taught in schools and universities, and all sorts of taxpayer-funded hand-outs ranging from ipads to millions of dollars for dubious reasons and causes.

Same Terrible Result

Treating one ethnicity as privileged always means that others will be disadvantaged in some way. It starts with money, then come the law changes (as we’ve already seen in Auckland’s Unitary Plan giving unsubstantiated tribal groups unspecified, unlimited power to charge and control private properties). As night follows day, this course will gather momentum and ultimately result in misery and destruction for all.

The people pushing race-based government are either evil, selfish or simply naïve.

Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan and now this survey indicate the mindset of their dominant bureaucrats and politicians. It is too late to be afraid, it is now time to stand up to the racists throughout local and central government. We must stop our slide towards becoming a South Pacific Zimbabwe.

We Kiwis of all ethnicities simply cannot do this to our descendants. Offer your skills to 1Law4All today or do your own thing, in your own way.

Just be sure to be on the right side of history.


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