1Law4All Once Again Subjected to Media Bias

Yesterday (16 July 2020) Stuff published an article on 1Law4All and the booklet it has been distributing. The article was written by Matthew Tso and contained all the usual slurs against 1Law4All, including a sentence at the bottom that said 1Law4All was contacted for comment.

1Law4All was not “contacted.” It was sent an email. Contact infers dialogue. There was none, before the “objectionable, appalling and offensive” item was published. (To quote the modern PC idiom / BS vernacular.)

1Law4All was the recipient of an email from him, but was not allowed a reasonable time in which to respond before Matthew Tso’s hopelessly biased article was published. Mr Tso’s egregious error was in thinking that just because he had sent an email, that meant 1Law4All had actually received it, within minutes, if not seconds. So by the time 1Law4All had read the email and had written a carefully considered reply, it was too late to include it in his article. As if that was ever likely to happen!

Were those actions of the article’s author intentional? More than likely, given the state of the NZ Media.

Maybe the email was sent so that Matthew Tso could say that he had contacted 1Law4All?

It seemed that he cared not one jot what 1Law4All might’ve had to say. Or had no intention of including anything that 1Law4All’s reply posited, no matter what! Such is the sorry state of what was once proud and fearless NZ journalism.

In it’s political party days, 1Law4All sent out many media releases to all NZ media and not one was ever published! I.e. Censorship of the modern kind. Yet – in all their gory and biased details – NZ media seem always happy to publish racist comments, slurs and lies about 1Law4All.

Stuff has a new owner. We hoped Sinead Boucher might start with Stuff becoming more fair and impartial with its reporting. After all, Stuff advertises itself like this:

Sadly it seems such hope was misplaced.

Here is the reply that was sent to Mr Tso: (He alleges he did not receive it. How convenient>)


The Treaty information booklet is distributed by volunteers, throughout NZ, wherever volunteers offer to do so, be they members of 1Law4All or not.

The booklet was produced because there is so much dis-information abroad on such matters. Regrettably, often abetted by a less-than-balanced media.

The society has become leery of NZ media as a consequence. Especially because contemporary political correctness now casts calling for equality as being racist.

You may be interested in reading two of the recent blog posts on the society’s web page.

1Law4All Subjected to Racist & Hate Speech Attacks

Treaty Con Booklet Published

There are several links in that last item.

At the end of this communication, I’ve appended for you, the text of an email received just today. (Name withheld for confidentiality reasons). Demand for the booklet has been such that a re-print is currently a work in progress.

One of many emails received . . .

I have just read a copy of this book which is on loan. What an eye opener.

I knew what was going on but you have laid it out in an indisputable factual way.

I’m amazed that this sly give away of all New Zealanders land rights to Maori has been perpetrated by both parties.

Ihumato has brought it to the fore. A shocking public display of racism and pretty much the last nail in our private land ownership.

That along with the 1.2 billion +, blatantly handed out to a race based 15% of New Zealanders.

I have twice written to Jacinda Ardern about this apartheid racism that is being perpetrated upon unsuspecting New Zealanders.

How much can I donate to secure a few of these awesome booklets.

Congratulations for taking the trouble to try to inform true New Zealanders of this racist land and money grab.

Here is our response to some of the statements in the Stuff article:

Anti-treaty booklets sent to homes promote ‘racist and backward-looking’ ideas [Article Title]
Matthew Tso
16 July 2020

1Law4All is 100% pro-Treaty. The one signed at Waitangi in 1840. Not any of the bogus versions.

An iwi leader says a glossy booklet promoting “racist propaganda” being dropped into Lower Hutt letter boxes is dangerous.

Dangerous to his “gravy train.”

As also anticipated, seeking equality is branded (unchallenged by you / reporters) as ‘racist propaganda.’

Published by a group calling itself 1Law4All, it contains material promoting the view that “race-based laws” meant Maori received privileged treatment, resulting in monetary gain at the expense of taxpayers.

Is that not true? If it wasn’t, doubtless someone would have said so. But they didn’t, because it is true.

Moeahu said the racist ideas in the publication had been around for a long time and continued to damage race relations in New Zealand. He had no time for such ideas – the inequity experienced by Maori following colonisation was clear and the Treaty of Waitangi provided a mechanism for tangata whenua to redress economic, social and cultural damages, he said.

See if you can find the expression “tangata whenua” in the Treaty signed at Waitangi. You won’t. The Treaty says “tangata maori.” The facts, not ideas, in the publication have been around for a long time because they are just that: facts. Truth does not become false just because you don’t like what the fact says!

If you look carefully you will find that the majority of contemporary “research” and articles published on the detrimental effects of colonisation are completed by the same people who hope to benefit from the “fanciful findings” they publish.

There were many, manifestly obvious benefits of colonisation for Maori which, as usual, are completely ignored. The ending of slavery, cannibalism, female infanticide, and endless territorial and revengeful battles between tribes. The installation of law and order, property rights, the right to vote, security, lengthening of life span, advanced living conditions, medical aid, transport, technology and more.

1Law4All’s response to the greedy claims of part-Maori is not what’s damaging race relations in New Zealand. Rather, it’s the endless demands by radical part-Maori for more and more money, more land and more resources. The way such racist liars and charlatans describe it is like saying that it’s the victims of crime’s fault our prisons are becoming over crowded because they reported the crimes!

Stephanie, who did not want her surname published, was alarmed to have received the booklet at her Alicetown address. It was divisive and unhelpful at a time when constructive conversations were being had around race and colonisation, she said.

Oh yes Stephanie, it would be so much nicer if everyone just went along with all the lies, deception and propaganda produced by those receiving or handing over all the taxpayers money, public land and privileges without any complaint to those blaming racism and colonisation for all their woes, wouldn’t it? Asking for equality is – somehow – “divisive and unhelpful.”

Professor Paul Spoonley says 1Law4All’s ideas are backward looking and a classic example treaty denial politics.

The professor is the classic example of an ivory-towered person steeped in denial and marinated in political correctness and contemporary racism. Same goes for the vague attributions of “appalling and offensive.”  The truth offends? Toughen up, petal.

An Eastbourne resident who was delivered the same booklet in March said the lack of ownership over the material was insidious and cowardly. The views it promoted were racist, he said.

Lack of ownership? What part of “published by 1Law4All”, clearly printed on the back of the booklet, denotes “lack of ownership?”

1Law4All is a group that claims the Treaty of Waitangi and “treatyism” have skewed the law and political system in favour of Maori. The group launched a now-defunct political party in 2013.

The Treaty signed at Waitangi needs to be upheld and 1Law4All supports that, absolutely.

Ever since we began changing our policies in the 80s there’s been a tradition of opposing any concessions to tangata whenua – they are anti-treaty and anti-Maori rights.”

No. 1Law4All is 100% in favour of the articles in the Treaty signed at Waitangi, in 1840. A Treaty under which Maori were accorded no rights which differ from all / any other NZ citizens.

The rhetoric was in line with those of Hobson’s Pledge – a lobby group that opposes supposed Maori favouritism – and the One New Zealand and New Conservative parties.

Facts are now rhetoric? Right.

Perhaps akin to Stuff being . . .

“Trustworthy, accurate and reliable . . .”

Totally and absolutely not!

ed full of bullshit and bias is more accurate.

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