Palmistry and Sleight-of-Hand

Palmistry and Sleight-of-Hand

It wasn’t that long ago that NZ citizens voted against a Constitution. Especially a race-based one. But arch-racist Sir Geoffrey Palmer doesn’t like democracy, so he’s trying to sabotage that important plebiscite. He has co-authored a book that tries – yet again – to make the case for a Treaty of Waitangi-based Constitution.

He just might be coming to a library near you, where, for a paltry $10, you can hear the same old racist codswallop – all over again. But keep this in mind.

Does Palmer want to rule New Zealand?

In a Constitutional Republic, judges can overrule the decisions of the people’s democratically elected representatives, in parliament.

And Judges are picked from the ranks of lawyers.

And Palmer is a lawyer.

Nuff said?

Read some of his scary stuff, here. Although Palmer seems quite disinterested in democracy, there is an option to make a submission on that page – if you can be bothered.

Palmer was the main architect of the mythical “treaty principles” as well as the Waitangi Tribunal legislation and all the hearsay claims and other dubious re-writing-of-history-to-get-the-money claptrap that it runs on.

CONstitutionally, he’s tried it all before. See here.

In 1985 Geoffrey Palmer, the attorney general and minister of justice, was the prime mover behind a white paper proposing a Bill of Rights as supreme law for New Zealand. The proposed Bill of Rights would have given judges the power to overturn laws that were seen to be inconsistent with the rights guaranteed in the bill. It would also have given legal recognition to Māori rights under the Treaty of Waitangi.

The proposals were strongly attacked from a number of corners. Some argued that to give judges the power to strike out laws and determine the nature of human rights would undermine the power of the democratically elected Parliament.

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