Hastings Council Cans Maori Wards Vote Plan

Is The Tide Turning?

Hastings Council Cans Maori Wards Vote Plan

A Hastings District Council Committee favours the status quo after discussion over Maori wards.

A heartfelt, emotional discussion preceded the Hastings District Council-Maori joint committee’s decision yesterday to recommend that the council not introduce Maori wards for the district at this time.

Councillors Henare O’Keefe and Bayden Barber were concerned that going through the process of a poll to decide on Maori wards could be unnecessarily divisive and damaging, and likely to be unsuccessful.

“I do not think Maori wards are in the interests of the people – we would be on a hiding to nothing going back to a referendum,” Mr O’Keefe said.

“Regardless of ethnicity you get to this table by doing the hard yards – you don’t need Maori wards for that.”

Council Adverts Are On II

Council Adverts Are On II

In Hastings, Wanganui, and the Bay of Plenty, there are Council candidates who endorse one law for all and want no part of racism in Council representation, funding or appointments.

1Law4All supports all such candidates. The second advertising shot is in the breach to be fired in Hastings, this week.

Porter advert 1

Offers of help by locals in assisting these candidates is actively sought. Please e-mail the 1Law4All office.

Council Adverts Are On

Council Adverts Are On

In Wanganui, Hastings and Bay of Plenty, there are Council candidates who endorse one law for all and want no part of racism in Council representation, funding or appointments.

1Law4All supports all such candidates. The first shots have been fired in Wanganui.

Brougham Advert 1

Offers of help by locals in assisting these candidates is actively sought. Please e-mail the 1Law4All office.

Masterton gets Race-Based Council Appointees

Masterton Gets Race-Based Council Appointees

4 May 4 2016

A Wairarapa council has approved the appointment of unelected iwi representatives, with voting rights, to its standing committees. Masterton District Council voted on Wednesday to appoint representatives from Wairarapa’s two iwi, Kahungunu ki Wairarapa and Rangitane o Wairarapa, each with speaking and voting rights, to its policy and finance, and audit and risk, committees.

They also have speaking rights at full council meetings, which ratify the recommendations from the two standing committees. P J Devonshire, general manager of Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, says giving Maori more of a voice on Masterton District Council will benefit all of Wairarapa’s population.

It was hailed as a “courageous call” by Devonshire, who said it showed the country was growing up. “It’s quite a big step . . . To me it shows the maturing of our nation.” He said while some people might label the appointments a case of Maori “special privilege,” that was an increasingly extreme and marginalised view.

Stuff story here.

Just who’s the extremist and marginalist, here?

More apartheid by stealth. Worse still, agreed to – promoted even – by elected councillors. Remember that, later in 2016, when the Council elections are due. Don’t vote for pro-racist candidates of any ethnicity. Give them the stick!

When Defending Democracy is Racism

When defending democracy is described as racism, all New Zealanders must know that their democracy is in grave danger.

TVNZ to review complaints about Mike Hosking’s comments on Mayor Andrew Judd

9 May  2016

After TVNZ’s Seven Sharp aired a segment on the abuse New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd received for proposing a Maori ward for local government councils, Mike Hosking added his own two cents’ worth.

“I’d never personally attack him obviously but sad to say he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand. There’s nothing wrong with Maori representation on councils because any Maori that wants to stand for a council is more than welcome to do so and they can sell their message and if they’re good enough they’ll get voted on,” Hosking said.

In a statement Radio New Zealand received from TVNZ, a spokesperson for the broadcaster said a formal complaint [of “racist” remarks] had been laid against Hosking and a committee would review the complaint in the coming days.

Hosking’s comments have also been condemned by his own colleagues Miriama Kamo and Scotty Morrison on TVNZ show Marae. Pictured below are the media’s moaning micro-Maori monstering Mike over his comments on democracy.


It’s worth noting how inaccurate the 2016 media reports are on this. Muddy-brained Mayor Andrew Judd did not propose a Maori ward. He voted for one! One perspective is in an older story from 2014.

Horse bolts over Maori ward
New Plymouth councillor John McLeod sensationally resigned moments after a the creation of a Maori ward was passed by the council. The councillor  handed in his resignation mid-meeting, after the council voted seven to six in favour of establishing a Maori ward for the 2016 local body elections.

Mayor Andrew Judd, deputy mayor Heather Dodunski, and councillors Shaun Biesiek, Gordon Brown, Craig McFarlane, Marie Pearce and Howie Tamati voted in favour of a Maori ward.

Click here to be transferred to 1Law4All’s earlier item on this storm in a teacup.

The full Stuff story is here.

NP Mayor Judd Mounts UN Challenge to Democracy

A 2016 Update

Good Riddance to Racist Rubbish

On Friday 6 May 2016, New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd announced he will not seek re-election after being harassed and abused following his championing of race-based Council representation, then adding his Mayoral vote to the creation of a Maori Ward for the New Plymouth Council.

Parts of the community were outraged. Grey Power petitioned and forced a binding referendum, while 83 per cent of New Plymouth voters didn’t want un-elected part-Maori representation.

“I was removed as a patron of a club, uninvited to community events. Getting abuse walking down the street at the Santa parade,” Mr Judd told Seven Sharp. Mr Judd said he has been spat on by a woman in a supermarket while with his children. “From that point on I’ve somewhat hidden my family, stopped taking them to events and things.”

“Friends [I’ve] known for years [were] avoiding me, ringing me up saying what a mistake, we voted for you, you’re a Maori lover,” Mr Judd said. “I had a man dressed in a Nazi uniform come to see me, saying hatred stuff, I had Christians quoting chapters of the bible.” Other mayors from throughout New Zealand have also avoided him at local government meetings.

The TV1 story is here.

The Original Story

New Plymouth Mayor Judd Opposes & Mounts UN Challenge to Democracy

New Plymouth voters have overwhelmingly rejected the introduction of a Maori ward in the district. In a citizens-initiated referendum on the issue, 83 percent of those who voted were against the proposal. A total of 56,250 people were eligible to vote with 45 percent doing so. Mr Judd said he was going to take a complaint against the Government’s Maori wards legislation to the United Nations. He said the fact that a council’s decision to have a Maori ward could be overturned by a citizens-initiated referendum was unfair. Mr Judd said he had been speaking with a representative of the United Nations over the last few weeks about a challenge to the Crown.

Hugh Johnson, who sponsored the petition forcing a referendum, said he was satisfied with the result which was more clear-cut than he expected. I think it’s very good. We beat Northland the vote there was only 66 percent. So the voters are feeling like I do [in thinking] that people should only be elected to council on their own merit.
– Radio NZ


New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd (left) accepting a petition from Hugh Johnson in 2014, which called for a poll on the Maori ward initiative.

Andrew Judd just does not get it!

The New Plymouth Mayor had to go for a drive and a bush walk to internalise the results of a local referendum that had 83% vote against the creation of a separate Maori Ward in the District.

What Mr Judd does not get is that as an elected representative he was elected to represent people – to be a voice of the people. He was not elected to impose his own views on the community. The problem Mr Judd has in particular is that there is a canyon like divide between his views are those of the community.

What makes matters worse for the Mayor is he did not express his views about Maori representation to the electorate before being elected. He therefore cannot claim any mandate whatsoever to advocate the separatist democracy he is now so doggedly promoting.

Mr Judd is in the wrong job. He should simply accept that his view is so different from the community that he is not able to represent it in a manner that the community could reasonably expect.  For the sake of the New Plymouth district he should not stand again for election. Better still, he should accept that fact and resign now.
– Frank Newman

NP Ratepayers Say NO to Racist Representatives

A Maori ward seat has been given a resounding no from the people of the New Plymouth district. The council’s controversial decision to have a Maori ward was overturned in a landslide vote on Friday after a district-wide, binding referendum. 83% of voters in the binding referendum voted against the creation of the ward, with only 17 per cent of people in favour of the idea.

From the 45 per cent voter turnout and the 25,338 returned votes, 21,053 people were against the creation of the ward, with only 4285 in favour of it. New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd, who championed the proposal, said he was disappointed with the result. But I accept it with peace and humbleness, he said.
– Taranaki News

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Horse bolts over Maori ward

Maori Wards Repugnant to Democracy

Maori Wards Repugnant to Democracy

Under the Local Government Act, passed by the Clark Labour government, every local council (including regional councils) must consider every six years the introduction of special, race based Maori wards to enable part-Maori (code for the greedy tribal elite) to be put on councils because of their race rather than anything to do with democracy.

This apartheid style law gives a privilege to New Zealanders of a certain bloodline (part-Maori) over all other New Zealanders and is a violation of the democratic principle on which New Zealand has always been based and for which thousands of our servicemen of European and Maori ancestry gave their lives in two world wars.

Why at this point in our history should part-Maoris be given a status above others in respect of council representation? A democracy ensures that all eligible voters equally elect councillors on merit. Race should never be used as a means of qualification for obtaining a council seat or anything else for that matter. A healthy, democratic society requires that all people be treated equally regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. and the Local Government Act is a violation of this important and basic principle and should be repealed. But that won’t happen so long as National and/or Labour call the shots, the words “National” and “Labour” being two sides of the same racist coin.

Maori wards should be seen for what they really are – an important step towards institutional racism and nobody wants that except, of course, the tribal elite who want to monopolise such positions.

Race based wards can not be justified by any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or those modern-day politically expedient fabrications: “partnerships” and “principles.” There are no principles in or of the Treaty and its whole purpose was to make all New Zealanders equal. “We are now one people” said Governor Hobson to each chief as he signed. Well, we were for one and a half centuries until our two mainstream parties deserted us, each for its own crooked reasons.

Councils that have recently considered Maori wards are the Wellington Regional Council, Tauranga City Council and New Plymouth District Council. In Wellington and Tauranga the councillors took a vote and rejected this racist concept, the voting against it in Tauranga being 9-0. However, the Local Government Act allows a poll to be taken to reverse a council’s decision so long as a sufficient number of signatures on a petition request it. The cost of the council carrying out such a poll is approximately $170,000.

In Tauranga the tribal elite and some of their white lackeys are threatening to launch such a petition but that is a waste of time as any ensuing poll would be most unlikely to reverse the council’s decision. The reason why so many councillors voted against Maori wards is that they know that Maori wards are so unpopular with the ratepayers. Wherever there has been a poll the ratepayers have rejected Maori wards overwhelmingly as they believe that unelected Maori councillors, unaccountable to the ratepayers, would push for ever more rises in rates to support ever greater expenditure on part-Maori-specific projects. And we are already spending more than enough on those! One only needs to see the “wish list” of the new Auckland Super City’s Maori section (more than $240 million for new “Maori projects”) to realise what the ultimate outcome of Maori wards really is.

In both Nelson and Wairoa, polls have shown decisively that the ratepayers do NOT want these racist wards. Even in Wairoa, where part-Maoris constitute 48% of its declining population, they voted against special Maori wards and by a significant majority.

In New Plymouth the council has recently decided by a single vote (the casting vote of the new mayor, Andrew Judd) to introduce Maori wards. Signatures are currently being collected by the ratepayers to force a poll that will almost certainly throw this toxic concept out. And one hopes that – for his racist and unnecessary attack on democracy in New Plymouth – Mr. Judd will also be thrown out of office at the next council election.

However, Mayor Judd is small bikkies really; the real problem is the refusal of the government to repeal these racist provisions in the Local Government Act.

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