English Not An Official NZ Language

English Not an Official Language in NZ Legislation

Did you know that New Zealand has two official languages and English is not one of them? The two official languages are Sign Language – made official in 2006, and the Maori Language in 1987.
MP Simon Bridges confirmed that there is no law that enshrines English as a NZ official language. To correct this, he suggested a petition saying that he will present such a petition to Parliament. The wording has been approved by the Clerk of the House. English is our common language and we must ensure it becomes an official language of our country.
Each petition sheet is quite easy to fill in, for family, friends, neighbours, workmates etc. So far, very few people have declined to sign it. If you have a business, (or know of one you could ask), it could go on the counter. Your local RSA is likely a good option.
The Petition was launched in Tauranga and it will be running for a few more months. Contact the petitioner (Robin) on 27-2331595, or by e-mail or download/print petition forms from here  – use the printer icon to print. Once a petition page is full of signatures, the address to post it to is on the bottom of the form.
– Robin Bishop (abridged)

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