Some of the myths on which the treaty industry is based


In order for one minority group of New Zealanders – part-Maoris – to get special privileges and ownership of formerly publicly owned resources like forests and the foreshore and seabed, it has been necessary for the tribal elite and their collaborators in academia, the media, Parliament and the judiciary to misrepresent New Zealand history so that in every situation – past and present – European New Zealanders are portrayed as wrongdoers and “Maoris” (now part- Maoris) as the so-called victims.

This distortion of history is a necessary pre-condition for the tribal grab for wealth and power that has insidiously taken place since 1975 and which will inevitably foster a spirit of animosity between European New Zealanders (the so-called “colonialists”) and part- Maoris (the “victims”). However, it should be pointed out that this animosity comes from the newly created – and enriched – tribal elite (many only one-eighth or one-sixteenth Maori) and not from part- Maori people in general who just want to get on with their lives like other New Zealanders.

It is not race, religion or culture that promotes hostility and even warfare between different groups in a society but different beliefs about their history. To clear the air with a few truths – something that the new breed of revisionist historians have failed to do – we list below some of these myths and the written historical truths that demolish them.